The Twilight Saga Films (so far) (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on October 5, 2011

70. Twilight (not available to stream via Netflix or Amazon Instant Video)
71. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (not available to stream via Netflix or Amazon Instant Video)
72. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (not available to stream via Netflix or Amazon Instant Video)

Here is the trailer for Twilight:

[youtube uxjNDE2fMjI]

Here is the trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon:

[youtube q58iQSHhZGg]

Here is the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

[youtube hZxJzhIPTTg]

(Spoiler alert!) It doesn’t take long to find out that I’m a Twilight fan.  I wrote the series off as silly kid stuff, and then saw that trailer for Twilight while at the movies, and I thought “ooh that Edward is hot.”

(Also, this scene in the restaurant is my favorite in Twilight.)

I bought a paperback of the first book the next day and got sucked into the vortex, and came out on the other side as a bit of a Twi-hard.  I love it.

So I went to see Twilight and was sort of disappointed.  Everything seemed OK, but the pacing felt really odd.  I saw it again and it felt better, but I knew that my mind was filling things in.  Anyway, the story is this. Bella is a normal human girl, she meets vampire Edward during science class. Her blood is super yummy to him so the fact that they are attracted to each other is very tricky.  They fall in love, drama ensues with some other vampires.

Click here to buy Twilight on DVD from Amazon for $11.55.

New Moon is my least favorite book in the series, because I am so Team Edward and he is gone a lot.  Bella gets a paper cut at her birthday party and Edward’s brother Jasper tries to kill her.  Edward snaps and decides that Bella will never be safe around him and the others and convinces his family to drop off of the face of the planet, leaving Bella heartbroken.  It is incredibly depressing, and I give Kristen Stewart props, because she plays Bella’s desperation really well.  The movie is about her relationship with her friend Jacob developing, but he’s just creepy and should go away.  Bella eventually goes cliff jumping, which causes some confusion that ends up with Bella and Edward’s sister Alice going to Italy to save Edward from essentially committing suicide.  At the very end of the film, Edward asks Bella to marry him.

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Eclipse has been the best of the Twilight Saga movies so far.  Finally, Edward and Bella get a bit of a break and get to be cute and in love, while Edward is still trying to get Bella to agree to marriage.  Bella’s Dad is upset that Edward is back because he hurt Bella during the last movie, and Jacob is really upset because his chances with Bella are shot.  In the drama department, a vampire that appeared in the first movie is back and is creating baby vampires to start some shit with the Cullens, specifically in order to get to Bella and kill her.  Vampires and Jacob’s pack of shape-shifting giant wolves unite and fight the baby vampires, and naturally, everything turns out OK.  Bella kisses Jacob at a moment when he’s being a little bitch and threatens to get killed in aforementioned battle with baby vampires, but it doesn’t change anything because Edward is still totally hotter.

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So, that’s my snarky recap of The Twilight Saga movies so far. I chose to write about them now, because Breaking Dawn: Part 1 comes out on November 18th, and tickets are on sale now!

Will you be seeing Breaking Dawn: Part 1?

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Twilight Collection by PRO Beauty Tools

by Jamie Sanford on September 9, 2011

Twilight Collection by PRO Beauty Tools

There have been some interesting product connections with the films in The Twilight Saga.  I will admit to having purchased Twilight Lip Venom that was blood red and tinted my lips while making them all tingly.

This was not the result of the Lip Venom, much to my dismay.

Anyway, I think it’s pretty funny that there is an upcoming group of beauty tools from PRO inspired by the hairstyles in the films of The Twilight saga, since the fandom has talked a LOT of smack about the hair in the films.  (Me included – there have been some hot messes in there over the years.)

Anyway, here’s a little look at what they have coming up.  Note that all images are from this gallery on

For $29, you can style an Edward-rific bouffant.

WTF. Her hair isn’t even curly in this photo. Can I just talk about that for a minute? I REALLY hate it when a hair tutorial makes you curl all of your hair for a final look that isn’t curly at all. I know I am wrong in feeling this way because there is a process, blah blah blah, but still.  I just want to do 2 steps and have amazing hair.

Oh, right, the Twilight Collection by PRO curling iron will be available for $25.

See! Rosalie there has some curls, and we have the Twilight Collection by PRO Beauty Tools version of the infamous Caruso Molecular Hairsetter.  I know that some of you remember that infomercial that was on ALL THE TIME, and I loved it. If this PRO version works as well, it would be well worth the $30.  I’d love to try out the Twilight Sparkle Ionic Steam Hairsetter since I don’t have my steam rollers anymore.

The rest of the products in the Twilight Collection by PRO Beauty Tools can be seen here on  They will all be available starting October 1 in Walmart, Kmart and Best Buy.

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Adventureland (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on July 8, 2011

30. Adventureland (Not available for viewing on Netflix Instant Watch)

[youtube gtVnRAY5LQE]

Here’s the trailer for Adventureland.

Adventureland is a period movie, set in the summer of 1987. We meet James, played by Jesse Eisenberg, who has just graduated from college and found out that due to a change in his parents’ financial status that he will not be spending the summer in Europe before going to grad school at Columbia University in the fall.  He looks for a summer job and ends up with a gig at the local amusement park, Adventureland.  The rest of the movie is again, really well explained by the IMDB description.

A comedy set in the summer of 1987 and centered around a recent High School grad who takes a nowhere job at his local amusement park, only to find it’s the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world.

James meets new friends and has all sorts of new experiences during his time at Adventureland, and outside of the job, hanging out with said new friends. Most notably is the relationship he develops with Em, played by Kristen Stewart, an NYU student on summer break working at the park to escape her father and stepmother.

Ryan Reynolds is in the movie too. Yum.

It’s a summer movie. I liked it a lot, even though I too have trouble sometimes with Kristen Stewart in movies where her mannerisms are the same all the time and it bothers me a lot.  I saw her in a great film called The Cake Eaters and she didn’t give me the same kind of feeling.  She has great moments in this movie, but after having seen 3 Twilight movies, it doesn’t feel like her acting is that different because of the similarities in mannerisms.  Perhaps Hollywood needs to throw more challenging stuff her way.

I enjoyed Adventureland, enough to have watched it again with the DVD commentary from the writer/director Greg Mottola and Jesse Eisenberg.  I would definitely be interested in getting the DVD, this feels like a movie that could become a comfortable favorite – and I can’t think of another way to explain it.

Adventureland is available on DVD from Amazon for $11.12.

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The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide

by Jamie Sanford on May 17, 2011

The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide is now available after a very long wait by Twilight fans around the world.

As many of you know, I am into Twilight.  Even though after being exposed to some Twilight fan fiction, I think I might like that better.

I picked up Twilight after seeing the trailer for the movie and thinking that Robert Pattinson was hot.  I had previously been a Buffy/Angel watcher and so enjoyed some vampires, so it was a natural progression.  I bought a cheap paperback copy of Twilight and started reading.  About a day later, I was completely sucked into the vortex that so many have fallen into as well.  I was out buying New Moon almost immediately, only to then find out that Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were only in hardcover! Luckily, my husband indulged me and bought me the Twilight box set containing all of the books.  I plowed through the rest quickly, only stopping to occasionally sleep, go to work, and text my friend Christina about how I felt about the major plot points.

Anyway, this Twilight Official Guide was already in the works before the first movie even came out.  However, it got pushed back and pushed back and I guess it is OK.  This book is packed full of information about all of the major characters in the series, it has a plot synopsis, illustrations from the artist who did the Twilight graphic novel, etc.  With another 6 months to wait before Breaking Dawn: Part 1, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide will keep a fan busy for at least a few days.

The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide is available from Amazon for $13.88.

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100 Films in 2011: The Runaways

by Jamie Sanford on February 17, 2011

10(!). The Runaways (Available to stream via Netflix Instant Watch)

Regardless of the fact that the movie is named after the band, it is about Cherie Currie and Joan Jett.

Here’s the trailer:

[youtube uHpEJ749TRM]

I have wanted to see this movie for a while – being aware of the Twilight world means being exposed to information about all of the other projects going in with the Twilight cast members.  Both Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart are starring in The Runaways, so there was lots of coverage, and lots of excitement when photos made their way out into the world of the two of them in character.

Like this one.

Kristen’s shoes are AWESOME.

Actually, can I just say that about this movie?  The shoes and clothes are awesome. Production design on what seemed to be a small movie was really spectacular.

The movie covers a short period of time in the mid-70s when The Runaways formed and the success/drama they had before Cherie Currie left the band. Lots of drugs and drama – sort of a distraction from the fact that the characters don’t seem to get all that much development.  We learn more about Cherie Currie’s life than the others, but even that is thin.  The moments of the band rehearsing

Things I also noticed:

  1. Dakota Fanning is hot now.  Remember when she was so little? She’s done a great job of growing up in front of the world.
  2. I want to be in a rock band now, with all girls.
  3. There are more “hit” songs by The Runaways than I remembered.

While there were more songs, the only one that got the music video treatment was “Cherry Bomb.”

[youtube aNNp5GyzlKc]

I liked this movie, the music was great and the story was good, even with the aforementioned weaknesses.  I wouldn’t buy the DVD, but would definitely recommend someone watching.

The Runaways is available on DVD for $11.49 from Amazon.

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