Balancing real life and web 2.0?

by Jamie Sanford on January 13, 2009

Jack the Whipper.

Jack the Whipper at Wild West City.

My husband was upset about TweetDeck over the weekend. Mostly he kept hearing that cute little “you have a new tweet” sound and seeing me in front of that black screen A LOT and he didn’t like it. I was tweeting through the Golden Globe Awards last night and he felt that I was neglecting him.

Jeremiah Owyang took 20 days off from Twitter.  His time was spent focusing more on other things such as blogging and also blog redesign. I know that I edited more photos from a recent vacation LAST weekend before I had installed TweetDeck on the 2 machines I use at home (I was previously utilizing TweetDeck only on my work laptop).  Jeremiah concluded that he will be tweeting less in response to his experiment, and I think that I should perhaps take a lesson from him and deal with the potential Twitter overload problem now.

I got more done without being available to Twitter all of the time.  However, I read a bunch of interesting things posted by those I follow on Twitter this weekend, I learned some things and had a few laughs.  There is value in that as well. 

I am contemplating designated Twitter time at home.  I have TweetDeck open all day at the office, Monday through Friday, perhaps I should curb the tweets on the nights and weekends. 

However, it is not just Twitter that is the issue.  It’s going back to having almost 400 items waiting for me in my Google Reader, reading those items thoroughly and commenting when I have something to add, having it take over an hour to write a blog post, review it, add photos to make it interesting, etc. I am trying to actively participate in the channels which I think are important to me personally and that are also important to the direction I’m trying to steer my career towards.  However, I see the danger of never branching out into other things because I’m afraid of the potential backup in the queue of items to read/review/etc.

Comments on this would be greatly appreciated – how do you all balance spouses, families and lives with all of the tweets, blog posts, etc?

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