Redeemed? Ha!

by Jamie Sanford on February 23, 2009

Redeemed, indeed.

I felt lucky to have scored a $35 ticket to see Shrek the Musical on Broadway this past Thursday night. One of my closest friends is in the show and he was scheduled to go on that night, playing the Big Bad Wolf and also the Captain of Lord Farquaad’s guards.  I drove into NYC and was happy to get street parking right by the theatre.  I parked around 7:45.  After the show, we went backstage and were having a grand old time, and then headed to a nearby bar to have a few drinks and continue having a great time.  My husband was in Brooklyn with friends but came to meet me at the bar in midtown.

We walked back to 53rd Street and my car was gone.  I called 311 and found out that I had been towed, and that it would cost at least $185 to get my car back.  We called and found out where the car was, and took a cab to Pier 71.  After another 45 minutes of waiting (and lucky I suppose because we only had to pay the $185 minimum car retrieval fee), I was dropped off in front of the car.  I pulled the parking ticket off of the windshield (another $115) and drove around to pick up my husband and go home.  Before we left, I had to hand the payment receipt to the person manning the gated exit.  He reviewed my receipt and stamped it before handing it back to me and raising the gate.

The receipt had been stamped with a big red “REDEEMED.” (see photo.)

The multiple meanings of the word “redeemed” were not lost on me at all.

Unfortunately, scanning this just let me know that I was parked illegally for 4 hours before being ticketed and towed.  If I had thought to go check on the car after the show, I could have avoided all of this mess.  If only they didn’t time stamp such things.

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