Polish Project #6

by Jamie Sanford on July 10, 2012

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31. A England Princess Tears
31.5. Sinful Colors Hottie

I added Hottie over this later and didn’t photograph it. Oh well.

Thoughts: Princess Tears is a nice polish, good formula and application, and holo is fun, but I thought it would be lavender and it’s more grey than anything else. Weird. The hottie is a standard sparkly topcoat. I don’t need another bottle of standard sparkle topcoat.
Verdict: I’ll keep Princess Tears but Hottie is going to the share bin.

My next manicure is the one I have loved more than any of the previous ones, so it will get its own post. So I’m going to talk about polish experimentation night with my bff David. David came to visit for the week and ended up staying over for a few nights, and you can’t be in my apartment right now without noticing the polishes. I have the shelf on the inside of a closet, but as the project is going on, I’ve been collecting the tested polishes on top of the entertainment center. (Don’t judge me, it’s a small place.) Anyway, I ended up giving David his own testing wheel and we went to town.

The nail in the front is a preview of my next manicure, because it’s a version of what you see there. I also tested out crackle polish again, and I think I missed it. I was so over it for a minute, but I have 4 bottles and so I should try using them a bit. Mostly, black crackle looks fantastic over highlighter yellow neon.  I’m sure I’ll do that in full soon.

I also will talk next time about how the CVS secret beauty clearance event has completely blown my “no buying” rule with polish. They were 75% off and I could not resist. More on that to come.

What’s your current favorite nail polish?

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