Edison Message Board

by Jamie Sanford on July 26, 2010

I love everyday objects that become more interesting.  Here’s the limited-edition Edison message board from Uncommon Goods.

From the item description:

Stick big ideas or daily to-dos on this magnetized message board and watch genius strike! Handmade with galvanized metal sourced from inventor Thomas Edison’s Wisconsin phonograph factory, this board’s glinty surface maintains the metal’s original character with weathered spots and a historic patina.

Edison purchased the space in 1917 to make phonograph cabinets. When demand fell as a result of the Great Depression in 1927, the factory shifted production to children’s furniture under Edison Little Folks. Its historic doors closed in 2005.

Limited edition of 157; each to be signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

Includes six recycled record button magnets.

The Edison message board is available for $75 from Uncommon Goods.

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WTF Gifts: Bacon Bandages

by Jamie Sanford on April 13, 2010

Seriously? Eww.  (I know there are tons of people who will love this though!)

I’m all for cute bandages that aren’t the standard, but I am NOT interested in looking at something that looks like bacon wrapped around my paper cut.  (I am linking each photo to the product pages.)

So yeah, those are pieces of bacon, except actually bandages for your everyday injuries.

As if that isn’t creepy enough, they have more.

You can pick up these bandages for $9 each, at Fred Flare.

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