subject line

There’s a penis in your subject line.

by Jamie Sanford on June 27, 2009

This entry is slightly tongue-in-cheek; I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with this.

 I was surprised today to have this email in my inbox, seeing as I completely thought it was spam, as the subject line was “Are You A Penis Expert?”

This email came from Women’s Health, who I get regular emails from, but for the most part, they are disposable to me. They come into the inbox and are deleted just as easily, no biggie.  However, I saw this email and paid attention, because yeah, that subject line wasn’t expected!  Neither was the content inside the email, with the slightly-suggestive image and questions about growers and showers.

(BTW, this question is ridiculous anyway, anyone in the position to think about growing or showing will probably find out soon enough, I’m sure.)

Anyway, I am dying to know if someone noticed a decline in the open rate on the Women’s Health Daily Dose email and decided to spice it up a bit.  Do I really think my health is dependent on my interaction with penises? No, and I’m sure there are many lesbians who will back me up on that.

Ultimately, however, it did get my attention, whether good or bad.  I will probably go back to deleting next week though.

Would a subject line vastly different from the expected get your attention? Make you think “spam” and delete without another thought? Do you think this is just an attention stunt?

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