Blog Recommendation: Swagger 360

by Jamie Sanford on March 16, 2011

Today’s site recommendation is a fabulous style blog that I’ve been following for a while, Swagger 360. Brought to us by Karl Edwin Guerre, the focus is largely on men’s style, with women (generally) featured in posts focusing on details such as shoes or accessories. The “Sick Shoe Game” posts are probably my favorite, but I enjoy everything I’ve seen on the blog. I’ve been meaning to feature the blog on my site for a while, but was especially wanting to do so today, since watching this fantastic short film covering Guerre and Swagger 360 in Paris during fashion week. It provides a fantastic view of Guerre’s thought process and follows him while he shoots.

Watch the film here.



Swagger 360 interview with Karl Edwin Guerre during fashion week in Paris from olivierlalin on Vimeo.


Go subscribe to Swagger 360 now.

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Bedding by Diddy

by Jamie Sanford on October 21, 2010

Continuing with Celebrity Products Week, we have bedding from Sean John.

I guess the step from designing clothing to designing bedding isn’t a huge jump.  The clothing attracts the opposite sex, and you continue your hot Diddy style into the bedroom with your sexy sheets?

Sure, let’s go with that.

It’s not bad – I have a thing for crowns so I dig that accent pillow.

Product description:

Ever luxurious in a satin jacquard stripe, the Saville Row comforter set from Sean John makes a sophisticated statement in tones of chocolate, sky and ocean blue. For even more style, embellish the look with textured European shams, striped sheeting and decorative pillows.

The Sean John collection comes in separate pieces starting at $70, all available at Macy’s.

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Nate Berkus Studded Leather Table

by Jamie Sanford on October 19, 2010

Celebrity product week continues.  This one actually makes sense, as Nate became famous because of his fabulous design skills.

So I checked out Nate’s line of products on and I picked out this table that I really like.

Product description:

Looking for just that perfect piece to complete your room? The rich patchwork leather design of this table, accented by bold brass studs, makes it stand out in your home decor. Linear simplicity appeals to the contemporary and the studs speak to the traditional aesthetic.  With the added repetition of studs in the leg design for distinction and the bottom shelf for stability, your search is over.

The Nate Berkus Leather Table is available from HSN for $199.95.

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Curious Tuesday 011

by Jamie Sanford on August 7, 2010

From Miss Gala Darling, Curious Tuesday 011.

1. What is your style direction for the upcoming season?

Fall, please be here right now so I can start wearing jeans and cute sweaters and go photograph things.  Seriously, I own many pairs of jeans and many black sweaters. I get my pop of color from whatever camisole thing I put under the sweaters which are generally v-neck.


We load up on photography outings in the fall.

2. What is your favourite song right now?

My husband messaged me today with news that Scala & Kolacny Brothers had covered Nine Inch Nails’ “Underneath It All” and I’ve been listening to it on repeat all afternoon. Haunting and gorgeous.   Otherwise, I don’t have a big favorite of the moment, I’ve been listening to lots of stuff.  Here’s the NIN cover:

3. What’s your best love advice?

Don’t be with someone you don’t trust. Period.

4. Who is the most exciting person you’ve met recently?

I can’t really think of anyone particularly exciting, at least to me.

5. Are you doing anything wonderful this week? What is it?

Tomorrow I am getting to hang out with my younger nephew ( I have 2), so I’m looking forward to that. I’ve been having fun with the Coach Poppy Project, although I’m getting creamed by the competition there.  Lots of good things.

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Neil Lane for Kay Jewelers

by Jamie Sanford on July 21, 2010

I have been a massive fan of the strides made by affordable (and accessible) brands have made by partnering with high-end brands to elevate the exposure of both, while creating products that are available for all.  Target is obviously a great example, having partnered for years with fashion designers, interior design specialists and party planners to create great items for the everyday shopper who isn’t going to buy a $500 blouse.  H&M has done this, Payless has a shoe line developed by Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame – you get the idea.

So I am really excited to have learned about this latest partnership. Neil Lane for Kay Jewelers! I have seen Neil Lane jewelry on celebrities for years, and his designs are very much my taste, with a vintage feel that I love but never could have afforded before! Note that none of the items are cheap, but come on, they are diamond rings, what did you expect?  The prices range from $2,599 and $7,799. (The downside is that they don’t appear to have wedding sets, which seems odd given the large collection of engagement rings. Maybe they will come soon?)

Here’s a link to the whole collection.  I’ll post a few favorites here.

Would love to see comments on this one. Do you have a favorite designer that you would love to see create an affordable option?

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