Holy StumbleUpon.

by Jamie Sanford on February 2, 2009

East Rutherford, NJ - The Perp Bench!

No, I didn't get arrested!

I check my stats on Flickr every day, without fail.  My biggest problem with Flickr stats is that you can only see the detailed stats for the previous day – this data isn’t stored beyond that.  (I would be happy to pay double what I pay now for my yearly Flickr Pro membership to get this functionality.)  I can see the number of views, etc, but I can only see referring domains, etc, for the previous day.

So, I had a pleasant surprise this morning, when I had a massive spike (at least for me) in views for the photo in this post, a picture of the bench I sat on a few years ago in my local police station while reporting a stolen debit card number (and also whining that the bastard who stole it bought a HOT MacBook Pro with MY money).  Someone submitted the photo page to StumbleUpon which had generated around 175 views in a single day.

Unfortunately, I’m having issues tracking back to see when the page was stumbled, why it was stumbled, etc.  I will continue to research and perhaps even stumble a photo or two that I’m particularly proud of and see if I can track that way.

Has anyone had any fun surprises like this recently?

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