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Day 2 of Web 2.0 Expo.

by Jamie Sanford on October 3, 2008

Presentations I saw on Day 2:

I’ll skip right ahead to Stephan Spencer’s presentation on SEO success, because I really enjoyed it. (The slides are available here.)  He had so many great tips for site optimization that I couldn’t keep up while taking notes.  Luckily we traded business cards and he sent me a great email with his presentation and other useful links.  During his presentation I was particularly interested in the discussion surrounding redirects.  How many different versions of each page are there, and how are they affecting the search results for that page?  He also provided a great list of different tools to use to create a strong PPC campaign, and some information on WordPress tools for SEO, great for me as I’m still getting the hang of using WP.

Chris Fahey gave one of my favorite presentations of the week.  (The slides are available here.) He kept it humorous and easy to follow, and I felt he was vague enough in his presentation that anyone could take those ideas and easily see in their mind how these talking points apply to their particular web properties. My favorite bit was the 3 stages of seduction–

1. Inspire their attention, interest and desire
2. Draw them in (lead them astray)
3. Capture their ongoing devotion

This is totally it! This is what anyone who runs a website should be thinking about. Make it sexy and make them love you and feel like they can’t live without you.  While I’ve understood this for a long time, this presentation has stuck with me for the last 2 weeks and I’m still thinking about it.  I have a presentation to give two weeks from tomorrow and I fully intend to reference this presentation to the group of website stakeholders at my organization.

Next up was the Video 2.0 Presentation.  Not what I expected, so I left to check out the exhibit hall.  I did get to see this fantastic video from though.

The exhibit hall was a good experience, my only issue with it is related to the booths that the funky & cool company names don’t necessarily tell me what they do and if I should stop to talk to them!  The best swag, for me, was the “A Website Named Desire” poster. You can hear about it and check the PDF here.

My last presentation of the day was by Charles Forman, “Using Real Time Game Concept to Increase Engagement.” Charles came up with, which definitely has an audience but I don’t think its me. I’ve checked that site out and I just find it to be annoying. No matter, he has a grip on what works and how to make your website like a game to get the users engaged and into it. He made mention of LinkedIn and that little bar reminding you all the time that your profile is only 70% completed. It’s a quest! A quest to come onto their site and finish YOUR profile. Make your user feel like they have something to accomplish and they will stay on your site to do that. Charles listed concepts such as providing realtime feedback, providing rewards to users, providing objectives through quests and leveling people up. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to introduce such ideas to the sites that I’m working on, and I think that most sites have SOMETHING that would work as a quest, a challenge to the user to complete.

All in all, the conference has my mind swimming with new ideas for things to do on the websites I’m currently managing, while also trying to develop ideas for my personal stuff.

I know this post is late but today is the first day that I’ve had a chance to sit down with my notes and really think about everything. How do you bloggers post 3 times a day and have a job and a family and a life?

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