Flickr Stats: Better, But Still Room for Improvement.

by Jamie Sanford on March 23, 2009

I made a big giant image showing my Flickr stats – I had a massive stats day once I posted my photos from the Britney Spears concert (the big spike there), and it took me a few tries to really get the hang of the new Flickr stats. They seem to have answered my immediate issue which was the frustration that came from being a day late in checking Flickr stats, where I would miss my window for seeing the referring sites for those views. This was especially frustrating a few weeks back when I had a big stats day. (Continued below the image.)

So good job, Flickr, thanks for giving me an extra day to get in, see the stats, see where the views came from. However, this new referrer called “unknown source” has suddenly appeared. I had a HUGE stats day on March 16, 795 views! I know they were mostly coming to photos I took at the Britney Spears concert, but over 400 of the views came from an “unknown source!” This is incredibly frustrating as I am trying to get an idea of who the audience is for my public photos on Flickr. In addition, these photos were tagged with a Creative Commons license, so I would REALLY like to know where these people are coming from!

Anyway, yes, I’m happy for these improvements to the Flickr stats, I will be renewing my account for many years to come. However, I would love to know if I am the only one who would STILL be willing to pay more for more detailed stats, the ability to choose a day and view the stats for that day a month later, 6 months later.

Do you use Flickr stats? What do you think about the stat reporting?

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