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Instagram Roundup #48

by Jamie Sanford on July 10, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups! Last one for the South Dakota trip! It feels like ages since we were there, but it’s only been a few weeks. We left Deadwood, heading out for a day of adventure and eventually getting to Keystone, SD. We were hungry, so we decided to check out this Boondocks Diner/50s Town. Will tells me about a Stephen King story in which a couple becomes trapped in a similar-sounding place, which just adds to the super high creep factor. After this excuse for a grilled cheese (I ate one bite, luckily the fries were decent) and this scary burger Will ordered (he ate the fries too), I was almost assaulted by this 1950s velociraptor. We took a few more pictures for posterity but mostly were creeped out so we headed back to our trusty Impala and went on our way. We made our way to Hill City, and bought tickets for the 1880 Train. While waiting, we explored the South Dakota State Railroad Museum. Here we are on the train! It was really fun, until the way back when we got to ride with a group of people who might have called us “city-ots.” WTH. It definitely put a downer on the trip back to where the car was. We were super hungry after the train, but weren’t able to get into the Alpine Inn for dinner, so Desperados it was. Will had fish, and I had cowboy mac and cheese, which would have been better if they had warned me on the menu that it was hella spicy. After some good times trying to find hair conditioner in Keystone, SD (they don’t appear to have any), we hit Mount Rushmore on Wednesday morning. It’s much more exciting to see in person. Will chatted up a man who was a driller on Mount Rushmore! Next up was a trip to Custer State Park. Our first driving trip was the wildlife loop. Guess what? The bison do not care about you and will just hang out in front of the car. They must know that people love it, right? Travel tip: when driving through scenic byways with lots of animal life, listen to the theme from Jurassic Park. It’s AMAZING and hilarious. Thanks, pronghorn. On our way to the Needles highway, we drove to the top of Mount Coolidge. Check out the view and my amazing bison horns. The Needles Highway was ridiculously beautiful at every turn. We stopped a LOT. How could you just drive by views like this? Views that, by the way, are in no way shown in these images. You cannot capture the enormity of what you see there. Thursday morning, we went to Crazy Horse! I wish we would have had more time there, but we had places to get to that day. We are planning to go back after we retire to see the continued progress. That’s a bear, in front of our car. I am so happy we stopped at Bear Country USA, where you drive through a giant habitat filled with bears, who, like the bison, don’t care about you and your foolishness. Insane. Will knew he was in for it when they told me that they had something called Babyland. This is 4 baby bears, all in one tree. Come on! I was in heaven. After an unsuccessful trip to Rapid City for additional luggage, we headed to Badlands National Park. I am not huge on landscape photography, and I was a little photo-ed out, so Will was the primary shooter. I mostly stuck to using my phone. We were there, for the most part, alone. It was spectacular to explore without tons of people around. Of course, another selfie. Given the lack of hair conditioner, this hat was the best purchase of the week. That, and the bavarian almonds that sustained us through Custer State Park. This marks the point where Will was off taking pictures, and I was on the phone with my brother Pete, helping him with a crossword puzzle. After a trip filled with clouds, we got to see an amazing sunset on our last night in South Dakota. Our last tourist stop in South Dakota was back in Mitchell. We had to hit the Walmart for an extra carry-on bag, and made our way to the Corn Palace. It was all I had hoped for and more. Despite an unfortunate hot mess of flight issues on the way back, this was one of the best trips we’ve had together. I can’t wait for our next road trip.

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Instagram Roundup #47

by Jamie Sanford on July 3, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

We continue our travel through South Dakota, the day after James and Sara’s wedding, during which we were both partied out.

We pulled off of the interstate to look at windmills and I stopped to photograph baby cows. It was about 1pm on Sunday, and we didn’t have a single vehicle pass in the 10 minutes we were there.

We then got closer to the windmills. They were beautiful, and the sound was amazing.

Here’s the hat I talked about buying in last week’s post. Here we are at the Missouri River crossing.

It was a lot of driving,so when we saw 1880 Town, we had to stop. I took photos with my real camera and not my phone, so I’ll share those later.

Stopped at Wall Drug too, which is amazing and I could have probably spent a whole day there.

We finally made it to our day 1 destination, Deadwood. We had dinner and lost money on slots before going to sleep.

After a disappointing breakfast, we drove on a Scenic Byway in the Black Hills National Forest. Again, I took most of my pictures with my real camera, but here’s one. It was stunning view after stunning view.

Here’s a Vine of the image above:

After lunch and some downtime, we decided to make the drive to Devils Tower in Wyoming. Here we are on the approach.

Selfie at Devils Tower. It was absolutely beautiful, and we spent time watching people climbing it, who were clearly insane.

More from our trip next week!

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Instagram Roundup #46

by Jamie Sanford on June 26, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

It’s going to take me weeks to catch up on Instagrams. Our South Dakota trip was pretty amazing, and it all started with a wedding in Mitchell.

After flying back from Savannah on Thursday, it was back to EWR on Friday morning at 5:15am.

We connected to Sioux Falls through O’Hare, and saw a dinosaur while walking to our terminal. I also managed to get a Power Punch from Smoothie King, which tasted like memories of college.

We are happy to be on our last flight of the day.

Welcome to Sioux Falls! The smallest airport I’ve been to – there is one “terminal” with 7 gates.

Our first stop upon arriving in Mitchell was Michael’s Toggery, to pick up Will’s rental tux. Downtown Mitchell was full of amazing signage.

I don’t go to Walmart in New Jersey because it is terrifying. We had no choice but to hit the Mitchell Walmart, and I have to admit, it was pretty glorious. I tend to purchase a hat on every road trip we take, and this trip’s hat was an amazing fedora I found on clearance at this Walmart. I think I paid $3? You’ll see the hat in upcoming posts.

After the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, it was time for some Mitchell nightlife. This bar was AMAZING. It had a proper bar, a hunting video game, a dance floor, an outdoor loungey space, and a beach volleyball court in the back.

On Saturday was the wedding. Congratulations James and Sara!

Here’s our cocktail hour selfie. Somehow we managed to not get a real picture of us while we were all dressed up.

Wedding photobooths are the best idea EVER.

This was around the end of the reception. This looks about right.

More from the road trip through South Dakota next week!

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Sights & Sounds #46

by Jamie Sanford on June 25, 2013

Sights and Sounds #46

Click here for all of the Sights & Sounds posts. If you cannot see the videos, please click here.

A random picture from our trip to South Dakota. I didn’t Instagram every picture, so I posted the rest of my iPhone photos using the Flickr app, and trying out every filter along the way.

[youtube Hs2CoiyZA9I]

Hamish Bowles of Vogue talks about vintage shopping.

[youtube biK6AsrOa8E]

Sylvia Carle has a life lesson.

[youtube CCaSwUt41_0]

Watching Blake Lively cooking makes me way more interested in her.

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