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When is social media necessary? *Updated*

by Jamie Sanford on October 7, 2009

I asked someone recently what their goals and objectives were in relation to using social media tools for their business.  They responded with “well, we have to,” which made me cringe a bit.  I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been said when I say that NO,  you don’t have to use social media tools.  Especially not if you aren’t ready to commit to it in such a way that it is given a real chance to help you connect. Homepage

I was surprised yesterday to visit, one of the latest ventures of Gary Vaynerchuk and Wine Library, and not immediately find links to Twitter, Facebook, etc.  (A link to Twitter has since been added, as you can see on the screenshot from this morning.  No tweets so far yet though, not even an introduction.)

I was surprised that the site was even launched without those things in place.  I can’t be the only person who immediately looks for ways to connect to online shops or brands that I’m potentially interested in buying things from, whether it is subscribing to a feed about sales or connecting on Twitter or Facebook.  How many other people who follow @WineLibrary, who follow @garyvee, clicked on the site yesterday and then had no way to connect?  It seems like a major miss, especially surprising to me given who is behind it.  I am connected to a few Wine Library employees that I met at a Tweetup there a few months ago, and they are all great.

There are 114 followers (as of now) on the GL Twitter account, but I would imagine that number would already be so much bigger if there had been prominent callouts to connect on the site BEFORE it was announced.  I know that there is a massive amount of promotion that the site will get through the thousands of people watching Wine Library TV, so maybe this isn’t seen as such a big deal to the people behind GL.

Bringing it back to my story at the top, this is definitely the place to connect with potential cheese (etc.) shoppers!  If I had an online retail business, I would be all over this.

Update: I pulled the first screenshot this morning, now it is nearly 7pm and Facebook has been added as well: Homepage Take 2

Watching these things go up now makes me think that perhaps they saw the miss with these items as well.  What do you think?

Update, the day after.  Look who’s tweeting up a storm!

@GourmetLibrary Tweets

I am happy to see this engagement but still think that I made a valid point by wondering why this wasn’t all in place before launch.

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Facebook = global social networking.

by Jamie Sanford on August 19, 2008

Here’s the article from BusinessWeek regarding Facebook as being the #1 global social network.

While this article focuses much on the different technologies available to utilize these sites all over the work, in particular the opportunities to translate the site into different languages, I have to wonder if the opinions about Facebook are the same for the global users as they are for users in the US.  I find that a lot of people prefer Facebook because of the limitations placed on the user in terms of creating a profile page that takes 5 seconds to load as opposed to 5 minutes.  However, as someone who also enjoys photography, I see the upside to having some additional control over my MySpace profile.  Sure, there are Facebook apps for photosharing, but they aren’t as impactful as a slideshow of my favorite images.  I get many more requests for new friends via Facebook than via MySpace these days, I see the shift happening, is that shift simply related to what is the best new thing?

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