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But since I can always get down with another mention of the Swarmatron, let’s go with it.

[youtube m80r4mhZ5ak]

Here’s a lengthy interview with Trent and Atticus, where sound and the score are covered:

[youtube mpqy_y39-Ac]

Here’s a video where you can listen to the full-length version of “Hand Covers Bruise” which plays throughout the film.

[youtube 1Ua2gabdJoc]

I promise that after the Oscars, I will tone down the fangirl posts – at least until we get hit with the score for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but that isn’t until the end of the year.

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100 Films in 2011: The Social Network

by Jamie Sanford on January 26, 2011

Keeping it going with a new movie, taking it away from the older movies I’ve been covering.  I have already talked a bit in other places about the score, composed by one of my favorite musicians, Trent Reznor, with his co-composer and bandmate Atticus Ross.

Actually, let ‘s cover that right now – the score for this movie is fantastic and has already won a Golden Globe, amongst other awards.  I purchased the album a few months ago when it came out, and it’s fantastically dark and works so well in the film.

It’s a hot deal!  The MP3 download of the album is $5.00 on Amazon.

6. The Social Network (not available to stream on Netflix Instant Watch)

I really enjoyed this movie – although my husband has changed it a bit with his research into how different the real story is from the way things are portrayed in the movie.  However, I think that the way the creation of the site is portrayed is so interesting and exciting, and the rest of the story is about friends who start a project, and how that spectacularly falls apart.

The DVD is great too – it’s a 2-disc set, and there are 2 commentaries as well as a disc full of special features – the “making of” documentary is really well done, and there are a group of smaller features about visuals, the post-production, the score, etc.

This isn’t the movie for everyone to own – unless you really like the movie or you are a special features nerd.  I love some special features and commentaries, so this is definitely for me.  However, I would suggest to most people that they watch the movie by renting it before committing to the DVD purchase.

This fantastic DVD that I am happy to now own is $12.99 from Amazon.

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Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on June 28, 2010

This week was a bit tough, upgrading to WordPress 3.0 was troublesome. I am back in business though, and it’s time for some Sunday links.

Picture of the week – from a trip I took to Dubai a few years ago, I’ve been thinking about going back.

The red sand was stunning. This was taken during our duning adventure.

Get ready for it – the top 10 cutest cats from Zooborns.

I guess that giving the iPhone testicles will appeal to some people?

Great collection of social networking visuals from Edelman Digital.

Gorgeous desk posted on IKEA Hacker. I wish it wasn’t facing the wall though.

I had a friend email me the link to this video, and I find it really inspirational for a number of reasons. Mostly though, great song, great scenery, and photographers!

Death Valley from Scott Gold on Vimeo.

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New Facebook is too presumptuous.

by Jamie Sanford on November 10, 2009

So, new updates to Facebook again. I’m generally fine with the new feed stuff, especially now that I get the difference between them and I’m understanding the newsfeed more these days.

However, new Facebook is pretty presumptuous,  and appears to think that we are living in rainbow marshmallow fantasyland, where everyone is super close and super friendly.


(The top suggestions are friend or fan suggestions, and those are fine, they make sense.)

The “you haven’t talked to that person from your English class who you didn’t actually interact with socially in high school” messages.

On a related note…

I do not need to reconnect with these people.  If I want to reconnect with someone on Facebook, Facebook, I will take care of that on my own.

So Facebook, come on.  Are you not getting that a large portion of the people I’m connected to are from a previous time period in my life?  Sure, we can be “friends” on Facebook but we aren’t going to be chitty-chatty all of the time.  In fact, it is likely we won’t connect at all, save the occasional birthday message or a comment on the same wall post/status update.

The “someone you connected to signed up, added some friends and then disappeared and is not helping our revenue” messages.



Oh Facebook. First of all, why don’t YOU make Facebook better for the mystery girl? Writing on her wall is probably not going to be a Facebook game-changer for her.  And the FB user with “only” 17 friends?  Why assume that this person wants to connect with so many others on your site?  If I was only connected on Facebook with the people I see and talk to on a regular basis, it would be maybe 35-40 people.

People will use your website in different ways, maybe not everyone cares to connect with people who are just acquaintances or just coworkers but people they see as ACTUAL friends.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today, I’ve been seeing these messages for a while now and think that Facebook’s presumption is a bit much.

(Oh also, Facebook, please move the birthdays up near the suggestions box, thanks.)

What do you think of the new Facebook changes, particularly these new “suggestions?”

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