Polish Project #35

by Jamie Sanford on September 30, 2012

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132. Orly Smolder
133. Orly Flicker

Orly Smolder and Orly Flicker, from the Orly Fired Up collection.

For these two colors, I tried the pistol mani I have seen done by Sara but I had never tried.

You can see the depth here.

Orly Flicker and Orly Smolder are full of flecky shimmer that are just really beautiful. I can’t quite get it across in the photos, but the one just above shows a bit more of the finish of both polishes on the index and middle fingers.

Thoughts: These are not polishes I would normally gravitate to, but I totally bought them during a weak moment at Ulta. I always figure that an orange polish can go to Mom if I don’t like it, and this time, the red would be appropriate for Momcycling as well. However, these are both absolutely amazing. I had a great time applying them, and better yet, they lasted for DAYS without chipping at all.
Verdict: These stay in the collection. I am so pleased with this purchase because they turned out 100x better than anticipated. I am loving the Orly polishes lately!

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