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Formula One -Derland: Brazil 2013

by Jamie Sanford on November 26, 2013

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Photos are from Planet F1 unless otherwise noted.

I won’t be missing this, Vettel.

So much rain on Friday for practice and Saturday for qualifying in Brazil.

It was hometown boy Felipe Massa‘s last drive for Ferrari. He got an unfortunate drive-through penalty that sort of ruined his race.

Fernando Alonso was my favorite, is my favorite. I hope things are much better for him next year.

Beard science. Note weird patchy hair on Lewis Hamilton and Alonso.

Checo Perez has some weirdness going on there too.

Jenson Button has a pretty glorious beard but there is a little weird bit there.

Vettel qualified on top, again, whatever. Nico Rosberg was P2, and Alonso was P3, which was exciting because Fernando starts like a CHAMP.

Alonso doesn’t look that excited about it.

HOW GREAT is the smile on Jenson Button, next to the retiring Mark Webber?

Thank you Mark, indeed. What a class act, even when giving Vettel the finger, we were all with you. I am totally going to watch Le Mans and root for you!

Mark took his helmet off and felt the breeze in an open cockpit and waved to the fans after coming in second. It was really touching.

Then this happened, because it can only stay classy for so long. Good times though, the best part of the race was watching Alonso and Webber going at it on track, because they are buddies and seemed to be having a great time, which makes everyone enjoy the race more.

I totally came in 3rd in the fantasy league…out of 4. Maybe next year will be better. I am just hoping for more variety in performance. If I can’t get a race in New Jersey, at least I could get a season not full of watching the same dude win all of the time.

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Formula One -Derland: Britain 2013

by Jamie Sanford on July 2, 2013

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Great Britain

The dramatic weekend at Silverstone started with the announcement that Mark Webber would be leaving Formula One at the end of the year to drive for Porsche at Le Mans, amongst other places. I look forward to seeing Mark again, he’s been enjoyable to watch as an F1 driver.

At the driver’s press conference on Thursday, there was lots of chatter regarding Mark Webber’s departure. All 4 British drivers were there to discuss the season and the upcoming race. Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso decided to take Lewis Hamilton‘s photo.

Here’s the photo Alonso took. (Source.)

This image is from someone on Tumblr, apologies for no link.

Alonso has removed the patchy beard bits, but now looks like his own evil twin. WTF.

Photos from this point forward are from Planet F1.

Jenson Button looked pretty positive on Saturday – he must not have heard that I dropped him from my F1FRL fantasy team.

After qualifying, it was the 2 Mercedes cars on the front row AGAIN! I’m partial to any result that doesn’t end up with Sebastian Vettel holding his finger up, because I find that obnoxious.

How great is this image of Lewis Hamilton greeting the crowd, surrounded by track ladies?

The start was great for Lewis Hamilton who managed a decent gap to Vettel who had passed Nico Rosberg.

I was gutted (along with TONS of British fans I imagine) when during lap 7, Lewis Hamilton’s rear tire explosively failed. After this, rear tires on Massa, Vergne, and Perez failed in the same way, meaning that tiremaker Pirelli will have some questions to answer.

While Lewis was busy fighting his way back to 4th from dead last, Vettel had taken the lead. About 3/4 through the race, his gearbox went off, and his race was over. The field got super tight because they called a safety car out while they removed his car from the track.

Having managed to maintain position from the race start, Nico Rosberg emerged victorious, giving him his second victory this season. Mark Webber had an absolutely horrible start, but fought like MAD in the last few laps to move up to second. He was definitely helped along by Kimi Raikkonen‘s tires taking a turn for the worse, which must be a sore subject for Lotus by now, since this has happened multiple times. Fernando Alonso missed being slammed with Perez’s exploding tire debris to pass Raikkonen and take 3rd, closing his championship gap to Vettel to just 21 points.

Next week’s race is at the Nurburgring, in Germany!

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Formula One -Derland: Bahrain 2013

by Jamie Sanford on May 14, 2013

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Before another long break between races, we go to Bahrain for race 4 in the season.

All photos of this race in Bahrain are from Planet F1. Go here to see their whole gallery and enjoy the site in general.

Nico “Not Really The Number One Driver” Rosberg managed to obtain pole position!

Lewis “Swag Party” Hamilton, hanging out during qualifying.

Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso, just chilling in the garage.

Mark “Can’t Catch A Break” Webber was celebrating his 200th grand prix. Unfortunately he would be starting it with a grid penalty for last week’s contact during the race.

The race start – Nico Rosberg managed to hang on to the race lead for about 40 seconds before being passed by Sebastian “AGAIN?!?” Vettel.

Sadly, Alonso was faced with a stupid broken DRS wingflap, resulting in extra pit stops that ruined his chances for a win.

The race had some exciting moments, a few between Jenson “Cute As A” Button and Sergio “Spicy Mexican” Perez, who are on the same team! Perez was all over Button and then got into it with Webber later in the race. Crazy.

Meanwhile, my boy Paul di Resta managed a 4th place finish! I have a special affinity for Paul since he started as a regular Formula One drive when I started watching. I hope he gets on the podium soon.

The same exact result from last year. Vettel was first, Kimi “Has No Feelings” Räikkönen was second, and Romain “Former King of Race Contact” Grosjean in third. The best part of this picture is that Red Bull sent a woman up onto the podium to accept the constructor’s trophy for the race. Go Gill Jones!

Spain in a few weeks.

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Formula One -derland: Belgium and Italy

by Jamie Sanford on September 20, 2012

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After the brutally long break, which is just long enough to make me crazy, we got to start the season in Spa!

Belgium (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Spa, Belgium)

(Photo from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

Way to restart the season with a big CF. (That’s clusterf*ck, if you didn’t know.) After all of the buildup and waiting during the break, Romain Grosjean of team Lotus went a little nuts during the start of the race and ended up causing a huge accident by first hitting Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes, who lost control and veered, and Grosjean’s car ended up flying over the front of Ferrari’s Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso‘s car, which was really terrifying for everyone. The damage was a big hot mess, but luckily, everyone walked away without injury.

I’m having embedding issues but you can see a gif of the action from Alonso’s onboard camera here.

MEANWHILE, my boy Jenson Button of McLaren Mercedes had scored himself pole position, an amazing spot to be in when everything is hitting the fan behind you. The safety car was deployed for a few laps after the big crash on the first turn, and Jenson had maintained his position. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel avoided the melee and ended up moving into 2nd from 10th on the grid, Iceman Kimi Räikkönen was 3rd for Lotus, and making me more nervous than ever for Paul di Resta was Nico Hulkenberg, finishing 4th for Sahara Force India.

(Photo from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

Jenson celebrates with the team and his girlfriend Jessica Michibata, who is gorgeous, naturally. Lewis is actually half smiling in the back there, having maybe had some time to calm down from being screwed out of the race.

Italy (Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Monza, Italy)

Crazy Italian fan time!

(Photo from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

The Italians LOVE Formula One racing, but they love Ferrari even more. It is so enjoyable to see the fans watching, because they are not shy about their feelings and react aggressively to pretty much everything. I love fans in Monza, they make great TV.

The weekend looked really good for McLaren Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton on pole and Jenson Button right behind him. I love both British drivers, but have a bigger soft spot for Jenson and would have loved to seen him take back-to-back races after winning in Spa. Felipe “Felipe Baby” Massa qualified third, far ahead of his Ferrari teammate Eyebrows Alonso, who had a roll bar issue that put him in 10th at the start. I had high hopes too for Paul di Resta, who qualified 4th, with a grid drop to 9th because of a gearbox change. However, I was hoping the speed he demonstrated during qualifying would be helpful during the race. Meanwhile, Romain Grosjean was out on a suspension for casusing the big mess in Spa, and Pastor “Is Going To Run Into You” Maldonado of Williams (who I really hope are looking to get rid of him)was paying the price for douchiness with a 10-spot penalty for RUNNING INTO EVERYONE LIKE ALL OF THE TIME.

The race was lead almost entirely by Lewis Hamilton, who had a nice lead for the most part, even when Sergio “Checo” Perez (that’s his real nickname, I did not make that one up) of Sauber was surging ahead to catch him. Tragically, Jenson Button’s car died mid-race, and I literally had tears because I was so excited that he was going to score more points towards the championship. Naturally, Jenson got out of the car and waved to the Italian fans and was generally amazing and classy as usual. In other news, Eyebrows came from behind to wind up the race in 3rd, helped along by retirements of Jenson Button, and the 2 Red Bulls. Lewis Hamilton managed to hop over 2 drivers in the championship standings because they did not finish the race, and is now just behind Fernando Alonso.

(Photo from Planet F1 – check out their gallery here)

I was totally happy for Lewis, and definitely happy for the Italian fans who got to have at least one Ferrari driver on the podium.

Fernando stayed on the podium long after the ceremony was over, and randomly took a turn at running a TV camera. How can you say no to that bone structure and the eyebrows?

Singapore is this weekend. NIGHT RACE!

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Formula One -derland: Europe and Great Britain

by Jamie Sanford on September 8, 2012

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Valencia and Silverstone! I am so behind on Formula One posting.

Europe (Valencia, Spain)

Spain was exciting because it was getting to the point where SOMEONE had to be the second to win more than one race in a season. Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso was hoping for a chance to win or at least end up on the podium at his home race, but ended up starting 11th after qualifying. I was feeling like we would see Sebastian Vettel pick up the win as he was starting from pole, but the race went a different way.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

So Vettel got off to a good start, as is normal for him, and looked to be building himself quite a lead. However, the safety car was determined to rain all over his parade. Meanwhile, Eyebrows had worked his way up from 11th and was in 3rd when the race restarted post-safety car deployment. Fernando moved into second over Romain Grosjean, and then in lap 33, Vettel’s car just seemed to shut off. (This happened to me once, it was the timing belt. Do Formula One cars even have those?) He was CLEARLY pissed, and stomped off to pout about it. Meanwhile, Eyebrows Alonso was fast on his way to winning his second race in 2012. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton and Iceman Kimi Räikkönen were battling for 2nd. Kimi managed to pass Lewis, and soon enough, Master D-Bag Pastor Maldonado managed to catch up with Lewis and pull a dick move that ruined his own race and ended Lewis’. Pastor finished 10th, but was downgraded to 12th after a 20-second penalty was applied for causing a collision. Keeping cool throughout the drama, Michael Schumacher ended up finishing 3rd, his first podium since 2006.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

Fernando knows which way to point the champagne.

Great Britain (Silverstone)

This race was not too long before the Olympics. I guess England decided to just get all of the rain of the year out of the way in a few weeks time, because it was hella rainy, and watching Friday practice was a joke. Even after the track dried, everything else was still a soggy mess. Like the grass.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

The race started without much drama, save for that with Paul di Resta, who suffered a rear puncture so early on that he retired after finally making it back around to the pits. Fernando Alonso held on to the lead for the majority of the race, until eventually being caught by Mark Webber, on a different tire strategy. Alonso did not put up much of a fight as he seemed to know it was a lost cause, but managed to retain 2nd place over Sebastian Vettel who finished 3rd. Pastor Maldonado ended up shooting himself in the foot again by colliding with Sergio Perez, causing Perez to have to retire, and left Maldonado well out of the points in 16th. Maldonado was fined 10,000 Euros for causing the accident with Perez. Ass.

(Photos from Planet F1 – click for their full gallery)

This happened on the podium. Lots of win for Mark Webber.

Next up, Germany and Hungary.

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