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Cop Out (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on July 26, 2011

43. Cop Out (Not available for streaming on Netflix or Amazon)

Here is the trailer for Cop Out.

[youtube KkJsBWUkSKQ]

If you search around this blog a bit, you’ll find that I generally enjoy Kevin Smith films.  KS did not write this movie, but was brought on to direct, which I think he did because of a non-hidden love for Bruce Willis.  (Although I’ve heard via podcast since then that working with Bruce Willis SUCKED.)  The movie is obviously meant to be a rehashing of the buddy cop movies of the 80s and early 90s, a la Lethal Weapon and the like. It moderately succeeds.

Tracy Morgan plays Bruce’s partner.  Seann William Scott plays a parkour enthusiast criminal, the guy from Half Baked plays a big drug dealer, and Adam Brody is a cute rookie detective.  Tracy and Bruce get suspended for some bad handling of a situation, and so they go rogue trying to recover a rare baseball card that originally belonged to Bruce. (I’m not even bothering with character names.)

I would only recommend watching this movie if you are on a desert island and have nothing else in the comedy genre. I’m sure you can find another movie that will have more flow than this one.  This movie has very funny moments that made me laugh a lot, but some of it just feels incredibly uncomfortable.

Cop Out is available on DVD from Amazon for $11.05.

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