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On The Vilification of Kristen Stewart

by Jamie Sanford on July 26, 2012

I do not think I’ve hidden the fact that I’m into Twilight. I avoided it for a while, but then saw the trailer for the first movie and was intrigued by the hot guy playing the vampire, so I bought the first book. It all went down the Twilight rabbit hole from there.

Photo by Mark Seliger for Harper’s Bazaar.

The Scandal

So, I’ve gotten very used to seeing a lot of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson around online, especially on Tumblr, where I started following a few Twilight-focused blogs. They are PROLIFIC to say the least. It was no different yesterday (July 25, 2012), when the news broke that Kristen Stewart had cheated on Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders, who Kristen had worked with on the recent film Snow White and the Huntsman. First reported by Us Weekly (who published photos of Kristen and Rupert together), and quickly picked up by People magazine, the news spread like wildfire. As someone who reads way too much celebrity and entertainment news, I knew that People magazine is not one to post things without some level of confirmation. It wasn’t much later that official statements came from both Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders, owning up to their indiscretion (which allegedly was just a bunch of making out? I don’t claim to know the truth here.) and apologizing to their significant others (he is married and has 2 young children, Kristen has been dating Robert Pattinson for a few years). This was actually the first time that Kristen Stewart had publicly acknowledged her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

I don’t want to get into Rupert’s apology, but he is apparently also sorry.

My heart broke a bit when I read her statement. Not only did she officially recognize her relationship with Rob, but she laid it out that she is devastated and truly sorry. She’s been notoriously private (him too), and this is definitely a change.  Apparently enough of a change that Tumblr and Twitter were blowing up with stories about how the pictures were fake and how Kristen would never release a statement because she doesn’t do that.


I have so much trouble understanding people who are online all the time, who must read TONS of entertainment news, and who would think:

1 – that a news outlet would make something up and say that it is an “official statement.”
2 – that representatives for 2 different people would not have rejected the validity of said statements if they were in fact fake.
3 – that the pictures of these 2 people together are faked, even after both of them have admitted to what they did.

Get over it. This is real. Your girl Kristen Stewart has not released statements like this before, but she also hasn’t been in a situation where photographic proof of her cheating on her very famous (and famously hot) boyfriend is literally ALL OVER THE INTERNET. She loves him and is sorry, and knew that staying silent would not make it any better. There’s a first time for everything, and this is the time for her to officially say that she loves this person and is sorry that her epic screwup is all over the place.

Yes, cheating is bad.

There are reactions all over the place that are just out of hand. Girls crying on YouTube, fan sites shutting down because Kristen Stewart did something shady with a married man, etc. They can all do and say what they want, but I think this is a heinous example of how creepy the level to which people are invested in the lives of celebrities is now.

Kristen Stewart, while the current highest-paid actress in Hollywood, is 22 years old. Yes, she’s been dating Robert Pattinson for a long time, and yes, she “cheated” (or something) with a married man with whom she had a professional relationship. None of this situation is good. However, I also did some shady things in my early 20s with someone in a relationship, and I am really glad that I wasn’t vilified for it on the Internet for millions of people to see and discuss. Now, I see all of these people who claim to be fans of someone freaking out and saying they hate her for doing that, and I cannot help but feel bad for her. I also sympathize with the real victims of this, those who were cheated ON, because they are hurt and it’s going to haunt them, especially as these are 2 people in the public eye themselves.

If you were someone’s fan before, wouldn’t you put yourself in the position of “what would I do if I were friends with this person?” All of the people who are spouting venom all over the Internet about Kristen Stewart would not be doing that if they were friends with her. You can be disappointed in someone’s behavior and still love them, and still forgive them. Everyone makes mistakes, and while forgetting isn’t likely, forgiveness is divine.

How long until the gap between the way people would treat people they don’t actually know and someone in their actual life doesn’t exist anymore? It’s a terrifying prospect, that all compassion would disappear from the world and we all could do something someday that would turn us into what Kristen Stewart was on the Internet yesterday.

NOTE: The mood on Tumblr today seems to have calmed a bit, there is a lot of positive support being posted too. I don’t want to give the impression that it is all bad.

NOTE 2: Friends defend their friends – and also KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS, which is the real deal. See Giovanni Agnelli.

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