Sights and Sounds #6

by Jamie Sanford on March 21, 2011

Sights and Sounds Number 6!  If you have any links or images to share, please let me know on the Facebook page!

Red Carpet Fashion Awards has a fabulous post covering all of Rihanna’s looks in the new issue of Vogue. I think she looks really stunning.

Blond Ambition 2Kobi Levi makes shoes inspired by animal, sex (literally) and pop stars. This Madonna shoe is accurate and fierce! (via MTV Buzzworthy Blog)

[youtube -5WaHQ-5bjg]

I like Britney’s new song, “Til The World Ends” and here’s a hot remix.

Beyonce and some SHOESI wish I remembered where I picked up this photo but come on, look at those Louboutins on Beyonce!  I can’t find them on the Christian Louboutin website, but I imagine that they are these Daffodile pumps but in blue – and those look like suede.

That’s all for today – will work on posting a bit more regularly this week!

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Unsubscriber’s Guilt.

by Jamie Sanford on October 6, 2010

Lots of things going on around me.

I am subscribed to a LOT of blogs. At least 350 in Google Reader.  They range from marketing and business content to style blogs to blogs that are directly related to my job to shopping blogs that help me develop content for The Daily Wishlist.

I end up subscribing to things a lot when I stumble across a blog that was linked to on another blog that I read, which seems to be the most natural way to find things. Sometimes I end up finding out that the content over at this new place isn’t really for me.  I unsubscribe and move on.

However, I find myself feeling what I’m calling “unsubscriber’s guilt” when I realize that a certain blog has 50 unread items in Google Reader because the content there has lost its luster.  I honestly feel bad when I hit the dropdown and choose to unsubscribe.  I have something like 15 subscribers, so they are precious to me.  I would hate to lose any of them, and I would really hate to lose someone because my content went downhill.

Thanks to the Sunday Link Parties and the now-defunct Curious Tuesdays, I have been writing here more than I had been before.  I think my content is getting better, and I believe that the portion of the content that is personal in nature is turning this blog into a real representation of who I am – I like to be silly and have fun,  and at the same time, I am serious about my field and my career.

My friend Renae wrote recently about making objectives for life much like you would do for your job.  I have done this in the past, but in a sort of haphazard way, where I write things down and then find the list 6 months later, with maybe one of those items completed.  I even wrote a short list of blog goals on the blog, but it wasn’t too in depth and so that faded as well.

My unsubscriber’s guilt might be the best motivator yet.

Do you have unsubscriber’s guilt when you stop reading a blog? Do you give chances before you unsubscribe

How quickly will you choose to subscribe to a blog after being exposed to it?

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