2017 Instagram Roundup

by Jamie Sanford on December 29, 2017

It’s that time again. The end of the year, and lots of Instagrams to go through.

Let’s get right into the yearly recap.

After a chill NYE with the boys, we went to our favorite park on New Year’s Day. We would end up on a lot of trips to this park all year.

Pete was in NJ for work, and we had a few chances to hang out.

Wine tasting with the boys.

Back at the park, too warm for a normal winter.

We escaped to Florida for a little trip, and toured the campus of Florida Southern College. You can see my full posts on this experience here.

We also went to the Everglades and took an excellent airboat tour.

We also managed to be there at the right time for a trip to the Florida Strawberry Festival.

Back at home – I took this photo of my favorite immigrant.

Different views of the Flatiron Building.

Estate sailing has not become old yet. Old houses are still the weirdest, most interesting museums.

Dad visited and we went to Rutt’s Hut, because you have to.

I posted about the Met Costume Institute’s “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between” Exhibition a LOT. It was beautiful.

We had a great evening with Stevie Nicks.

We went to our first air show. (Together, that is.)

We went to a local zoo and William bonded with the budgies.

Back to Florida for a wedding and we finally went to the Giraffe Ranch with Mom and Dad! Look at this beautiful creature! <3

Amazing skies at Mike & Amy’s wedding.

An uneventful July ended with a bang, when I got an email about a surprise Nine Inch Nails show on a random Monday night at Webster Hall.

Random stop at the Gingerbread House, which has seen much better days.

More estate sailing, and another weird thing I should have purchased.

Got together with the girls and selfied with Wadee’ah.

Went to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival with William, and we had poutine in the cold.

We got fancy for David and Brian’s wedding!

Halloween dinner.

We love the fall. A lot.

Will and I had a photoshoot to feature my forest queen antler headpieces. Images can be seen here.

We ventured out to a different park, this time at Ramapo Reservation.

We went to a most excellent Gary Numan show on Will’s birthday. Here’s a video of one of my favorite songs from the show. Watch out for the arm at the very end. So good.

We have not traveled nearly as much this year as we have in the past few, but I intend on changing that for next year. Here’s to another year of Instagrams!

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Instagram Roundup #120

by Jamie Sanford on March 4, 2015

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Lots of wintery images. This foam green house is on my way to the office.

Met up with the girls for dinner and merriment. I forgot to use the selfie stick that William bought me.

Rickety bridge on the way to the office.

I can’t resist the sunset photos either.

And another one.

I finally made it back to 41 Madison for a meeting, so naturally, a Flatiron image.

We are traveling soon so I will probably have a special edition post coming up in a few weeks.

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Instagram Roundup #118: 2014 Year in Review

by Jamie Sanford on December 29, 2014

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

It was a year full of wonderful Throwback Thursdays out of an album of pictures of Mom and Dad.

Lots of instafortunes too.

The estate sailing went into full effect. Lots of opportunities to see the insides of many homes.

William mastered the art of creative crepes, to my complete benefit.

Bought this duct tape because it was funny, and it became a running punch line in our life.

Multiple flatiron photos, always on the way to 41 Madison.

Another set of themed photos were of dolls who were not interested in your nonsense. It turns out that there are lots of opportunities to see dolls with attitude at estate sales.

Will graduated with his new master’s degree in May, and we booked a last-minute cruise to Bermuda!

We only spent a little bit of time at an actual beach, but we made the most of it. I want to fly back for a weekend soon.

We went to the Fancy Food Show with Christina and Johnny.

The 1999 Altima had its last ride on July 4th.

We replaced it with a 2014 Hyundai Tucson. This is Will and I’s first new car!

Meet-a-versary selfie.

It felt like we went to Medieval Times a few times this year, but I actually think it was just twice.

These two are my partners-in-crime.

Multi-generational photo from when we took Mom and Dad to Margaretville, NY, where Dad’s Dad’s Dad was born and raised.

Pete visited and we spent an afternoon at the Museum of Natural History.

Will gave you sexy librarian realness at Lincoln Center.

We went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Thanksgiving – here we are going to dinner with Mom and Dad.

We went to our first Formula One race, which I still haven’t blogged about, and it was a serious highlight of the year.

Possibly my prettiest Instagram of the year, at the Burj Al Arab.

We dragged family members estate sailing. Mom came with us in early December.

A week later, my nephew Phil came along.

I will close out with what is my favorite Instagram of the year, from our birthday dinner. I have much to say about this man and our relationship, but it boils down to me being the luckiest person, and how I am trying to keep constantly aware of how grateful and blessed I am. I have been much more present in that as of late and want to continue it to 2015 and beyond.

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Instagram Roundup #110

by Jamie Sanford on November 5, 2014

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Still totally playing Skyrim, and this is my new favorite outfit.

I painted my face to give out candy. It was fun, but it was a not as fun time taking all of this off of my face.

Will wore the creepy silver mask from the Halloween stash.

We went to Brickfair on Sunday and saw tons of LEGO builds. It was pretty fun.

I shocked everyone by wearing my glasses.

Latergrammed this image of Dad at Whole Foods. I made him hold the ostrich egg, because my brother and I have a longstanding joke about them. Dad looks pretty happy!

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Instagram Roundup #102

by Jamie Sanford on September 5, 2014

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Throwback to the Milennium Biltmore in LA, from years ago.

Another throwback to Pete and Will with Rick the Clydesdale at Busch Gardens. At least 5 years ago.

Gorgeous double mushroom and heirloom tomatoes at Whole Foods.

Why don’t we have these on the regular? They are charming.

These taste like science, and not in a good way.

This happened! I couldn’t believe we still had Operation. I am terrible at it.

When at Whole Foods, I always have to visit the ostrich eggs, because I am obsessed with them.

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