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Formula One -Derland: United States 2013

by Jamie Sanford on November 19, 2013

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Foggy Friday at Circuit of the Americas, just outside of Austin.

This is Heikki Kovalainen, the driver taking Kimi Raikkonen‘s place since Kimi decided to get some back surgery and not race for Lotus for the rest of the season. Could Kimi’s back have waited? We will likely never know.

Fernando Alonso was covered in medical tape to try and help him with his back injury from a few weeks back. I’m hoping he feels better next week in Brazil.

Many props to the Texas circuit, it is pretty amazing. In the back there is a 250-foot-high observation deck.

Vettel eked out Mark Webber for pole position, again, and Romain Grosjean managed P3, again.

Vettel jumped at the start again (he did not JUMP the start, that is cheating, he just went really fast, like usual), I think he led all but 2-3 laps of the race due to pit stops. Lewis Hamilton got a great start and moved up 2 spots right away.

Adrian Sutil bumped another car and ended his race at the end of turn 1, during lap 1. No word on whether or not he has a spot in Formula One for 2014.

Nico Hulkenberg continued his ass-kicking season, going P4 in qualifying and finishing 6th, giving the Sauber team great points. He has not confirmed his seat for 2014 but says he would consider staying at Sauber. He really should be with one of the bigger teams though, he is fantastic.

Vettel in the lead, whatever. What I love about this image is that you can see the crazy elevation change right after the start/finish line.

Vettel wins his 8th in a row, Grosjean is second, and Webber is third. No comment on this photo?

I have to end on this amazing look at Romain Grosjean in a cowboy hat, which just looks WRONG. Also, look at the patchy facial hair! I’m pretty sure this is a Formula One driver symptom. That doesn’t explain why he has no eyebrows though.

Next weekend is the last race of the year, in Brazil. This season has become slightly boring overall, with little to no change recently in the top finishers. Hopefully next year’s ugly cars make for some variety.

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Formula One -Derland: India 2013

by Jamie Sanford on October 29, 2013

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Great shot of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. I’m pretty sure their relationship has not been reduced to slapping just yet.

Nico and Lewis were fast in qualifying, but not faster than Sebastian Vettel, who managed pole position, again. He only had to finish the grand prix in 5th position or higher to clinch the driver’s championship.

…and Mark Webber looks pissed for a reason. He was doing so well in the race, behind Vettel in 2nd, and the team told him to pull over and turn the car off. Apparently something about the alternator. He was mad. I was too.

Skipping ahead, Vettel won the race and the championship. After his cooldown lap, he did donuts with a $20 million dollar car, in front of the grandstands. He was reprimanded for that later.

Vettel also gave love to the car when he got out. You can see the rubber he left on the track there too.

Here’s my thoughts on Vettel right now. Yes, he’s a great driver. He also has the fastest car, so that isn’t hurting. However, he has acted mostly like a child all season, holding his stupid finger up, not respecting his teammate, and all the while acting like he absolutely deserved to be the king of Red Bull. Maybe that is true, but as my Nan says, you catch more flies with honey. If Vettel had acted more gracious throughout the season, I think he would be getting booed a lot less. He was quite emotional after the race, and even said on Twitter that he was crying. I think I would be a much bigger fan of his if I felt this level of excitement and emotion from him more often. Also, please dude, stop with the finger. Just throw your hands up and go with that.

Yes, it was Vettel’s day, but Romain Grosjean managed to jump from 17th on the grid to a 3rd place podium finish, which was awesome.

Three races left, but less exciting now that the championship is already won. Hopefully they will be lots of fun to watch.

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Formula One -Derland: Japan 2013

by Jamie Sanford on October 15, 2013

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Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso, who is a ball of mystery. He’s one of the best drivers in Formula One, but his Ferrari isn’t doing the job. There are rumors he will cut his contract with Ferrari and go to McLaren, where he won world championships.

Nico Rosberg makes way too much money to have teeth that yellow.

Japanese fans recognized the death of female Formula One test driver Maria de Villota, who died last Friday.

In an enjoyable moment for me, Mark Webber scored pole position! Sebastian Vettel was behind him, but still, anyone else being the best is welcome.

The start was crazy, with Romain Grosjean bolting to the front and staying there for quite a while. Lewis Hamilton bumped into Vettel and sadly seemed to screw the car completely, as he retired not too long thereafter.

There was also an unfortunate crash in the back pf the pack during lap 1. Giedo van der Garde didn’t fare too well. He walked away uninjured though.

So Vettel won again. However, since Alonso came in 4th, the title race is still on. Vettel is now 90 points ahead, and even Alonso is telling everyone that it is just a matter of time before Vettel is crowned the winner again.

There are lots of changes coming to the setup on the cars for 2014. I’m hopeful it will perhaps create a more even playing field.

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Formula One -Derland: Korea 2013

by Jamie Sanford on October 8, 2013

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One of my favorite drivers, Paul di Resta, has not had a good streak of luck as of late. I’m not too happy with Paul’s contribution to my fantasy points at this point in the season.

Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso, continuing down the trail of awesomeness. Not his best weekend, but I still think he’s the best driver in the field.

This is Jenson Button, laughing at me for dropping him from my fantasy team. He’s doing marginally better than he did earlier in the season.

I would really really like to know what Massa and Vettel have to laugh about.

Vettel was on pole position, again, with Romain Grosjean and Lewis Hamilton behind him. He did the same thing as in Singapore, and just TOOK OFF at the start and amassed a 2-second gap by the end of the first lap. Grosjean didn’t let him get the lead he had managed over Nico Rosberg during the last race, but it still seemed unreachable for Grosjean. Even after 2 safety car periods, Vettel still managed a gap.

(Photo from here) Meanwhile, the luckless Mark Webber‘s car was up in flames for the second consecutive race. What is Red Bull making his car out of?

(Photo from here) The 2 Mercedes drivers were going at it when all of a sudden, Rosberg’s nose just sort of fell, and it was crazy sparkage from there. Absolutely mad. But, he went back into the pits, got a new nose, and was back on track.

Sigh. Vettel wins the race. Kimi Raikkonen passed Grosjean for second, which seemed inevitable since Kimi is still (sort of) in the title race. Vettel has an insane points lead, and it is mathematically possible for him to win the season championship during the next race, which is in Japan, at his personal favorite track. We shall see. Apparently Lewis Hamilton totally agrees with me that watching the same person win all of the time is boring.

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Formula One -Derland: Singapore 2013

by Jamie Sanford on September 24, 2013

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Fernando “Eyebrows” Alonso is in a good mood, and looking cute. It was announced this week that Kimi Raikkonen will be driving next to him in the Ferrari next year.

Singapore is the only race held entirely in the dark, and it’s got lots of beautiful sights. Definitely on the list of Formula One races I want to attend.

I missed qualifying due to a DVR issue, but I heard that Sebastian Vettel went out early in the final bit of qualifying and had to wait and see if anyone surpassed his time. He still ended up in pole position, but whatever. Let’s talk about his sparkly helmet, which was really fabulous, no matter how much he isn’t my favorite.

So yes, Vettel on pole, with Nico Rosberg following, and Romain Grosjean in P3. Romain gets extra points for being red-faced like me.

The race start was pretty exciting. Alonso jumped something like 5 spots before the first turn, and Rosberg was ahead of Vettel for about half a second before Vettel went on to lead the entire rest of the race.

Talked to my brother Pete about the race, and he didn’t believe me when I told him that Vettel had already built around a 3-second lead by the end of lap 1. But he did. We barely saw Vettel because luckily, the TV people know that it is boring to watch someone just be at the front, alone.

Side note: Vettel has been getting booed at every race when he is on the podium. Apparently people do not like the domination that he has experienced in the last few years. I don’t know how to feel about it. Yes, I think having someone so clearly ahead is boring. I much prefer to watch people actually racing against one another, and competing, and not just having the fastest car and being in the front. If Vettel was fighting more for his wins, I’m sure he would not get booed as much.

Poor Mark Webber, who just wants to have fun driving a Formula One car while he still has one, had the back of his car explode out with flames during the final lap. Fernando Alonso came by and picked him up during his cooldown lap, and everyone got to get a kick out of Mark Webber waving to the fans while riding on a Ferrari. It was good tv! Naturally, the stewards got pissed and gave them both a reprimand, and since it was Webber’s third, he ended up with a grid penalty for the next race. Lame.

Then Alonso got to pick up his miniature trophy and watch Vettel get weirdly intimate with his. Stop kissing the trophy dude, it just results in images that look like this.

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