Robocop (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on June 20, 2011

Oh boy. I haven’t posted a movie in 2 months.  I am only on #25 and I’m supposed to watch and write about 100 movies in 2011!  I don’t know how I’m going to work this out, maybe I should try to get back on track with watching some movies this summer.

25. RoboCop (available on Netflix Instant Watch)

Here is the trailer for RoboCop.

[youtube clqK5OC3BWE]

(Spoiler alert!) I have somehow managed to avoid this movie since 1987. I haven’t seen it and I clearly didn’t know that much about it, because I ended up being mentioned in a tweet by my husband.

I had no idea that the rookie cop we just met in the movie would die and then be the RoboCop.  Score one for me having no clue about anything in this movie, including anything about the actors.

Speaking of actors, RoboCop stars Peter Weller and Nancy Allen, among others. When I saw Nancy Allen I recognized her from other movies, but I had no idea who Peter Weller was.  I researched him and found a list of other movies I have not seen.  He was recently on Dexter but I don’t watch that either. I know, I’m super helpful.

RoboCop was directed by Paul Verhoeven, who has directed AWESOME movies such as Showgirls, and he is Dutch. Isn’t that veerd?

Here’s the recap – attempts at creating robotic law enforcement officers have failed in a big way, so another option is pursued, to create RoboCops.  We meet Officer Murphy in the first few minutes of the movie on his first day at work, and he ends up getting killed in the line of duty on his first day.  He then “wakes up” and he’s been transformed into this big robotic supercop.  He’s very impressive and apparently totally controlled by those who created him.  However, as the time goes by, he starts to have more memories of his human life and the circumstances of his death, and ends up pursuing those that killed him, with the help of his partner of a single day from his time on the force.  He wins at the end.

The movie was quite choppy.  It didn’t flow very well, all of the pieces fit together and that was fine, but there was not a smoothness between plot points.  OK this happened, now this happens, there isn’t a ton of character development.  We get some feeling when Murphy/RoboCop and his partner are sort of hiding out and he talks about his wife and child and is obviously sad about what happened to him.  It doesn’t feel particularly real to me because the emotion seems to be on a timeline.  I know that I’m talking about an 80s action movie, so perhaps I am expecting too much, but this is my review.

I would not purchase this movie, but there were good action sequences and a touch of emotion.  I would watch it again if I was just hanging out and it was on television.

RoboCop is available on DVD from Amazon for $6.99.

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