Las Vegas Vow Renewal Details | 11-11-16

by Jamie Sanford on December 26, 2016

I’m finally posting photos of our 10th anniversary vow renewal! It’s been a month already! This post is dedicated to the details.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links.

These photos were made by me, taken with the Sony Alpha a550.

I am brewing a blog post about my forays into making, and earlier projects from the year made me believe that I could make this bouquet. While I was at it, I made the boutonniere for William.

Some of the flowers had dice in the center, some had rhinestones.

The bottom looked unfinished, so I was able to utilize some beautiful poker chips to dress it up.

These beautiful ears are the Liberace ears by Rock ‘n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory.

This champagne was great for photos but did NOT taste good at all. My sunglasses are from Amazon!

Our new rings are from Apples of Gold. We bought our original weddings bands from Apples of Gold 10 years ago!

I’ve had the belt for years and do not remember where it was purchased. The dress is an anomaly – after searching for months to find a dress that was what I wanted, I bought random dresses from Amazon and this was the perfect one.

One more post coming up – this one will be about our experience at the Little Church of the West.




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Ardent1 Ring Selection

by Jamie Sanford on October 1, 2011

Ardent1 Ring Selection

I love Etsy binging, where I just start searching for one thing and end up on a tangent of searches, an endeavor that always turns up interesting and beautiful things. I came across the Ardent1 jewelry store and I love the rings, all cast in silver from different materials. Let’s take a look at my favorites.

This one is actually cast from green onions.  Love.  Green onion ring from Ardent1, size 7.25, $90.

Cloud Lace Ring from Ardent1, size 8.25, $90.

I really like this one. Crown Lace Ring from Ardent1, size 5.75, $90.

Cast from a real fern! This is my definite favorite.  Multiple sizes available from Ardent1, $75.

Check out the entire selection from Ardent1 here on Etsy.

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Lia Sophia Cubist ring as seen on Nicki Minaj

by Jamie Sanford on August 22, 2011

Today we have an item as seen in a music video.  This time it is Nicki Minaj in the “Where Them Girls At” video, which is a collabo between Nicki, Flo Rida and David Guetta.  Here’s a look at the video.

[youtube p4kVWCSzfK4]

Nicki looks fabulous in the video, as always.

My friend Cindy emailed me to let me know that the fabulous ring that Nicki is rocking here is from Lia Sophia.  If you haven’t been introduced to Lia Sophia, it is a great catalog-driven jewelry line.  If you haven’t been invited to a Lia Sophia party yet, you probably will soon, it is getting more and more popular.

Anyway, Nicki is wearing the Cubist ring:

It’s really cute.  Here’s the description:

A wide band of matte gold is boldly crowned with a glistening cube of black diamond cut crystals individually set and squared up across the top and all four sides.

I like the style of this, gold isn’t really my thing but I do like the cube.

The Lia Sophia Cubist ring is available for $110, but will most likely cost less if you pair it in with whatever Lia Sophia special is running at the time.  (Actually, I just checked out the Lia Sophia main site and they have a whole section showing celebrities wearing their items! Click here to check it out.)

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33. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
34. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
35. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Here is the trailer for The Fellowship of the Ring.

[youtube VIgkpEgCV-I]

Here is the trailer for The Two Towers.

[youtube yBNSOdEjtZs]

Here is the trailer for The Return of the King.

[youtube atKEVOpFL5Q]

(Spoiler alert for all 3 movies.) I recently attended a 3-week event, where on 3 consecutive Tuesdays, my husband and I went to see the extended versions of all 3 LOTR films on the big screen!  I was excited for this as I had never had the chance to see either of the first 2 films in the theater, I didn’t see The Fellowship of the Ring until the middle of 2003, as my husband owned the extended version DVD.  I loved it and bought up the extended version of The Two Towers later that year when it came out, and then saw The Return of the King in the theater when it came out.  I was really excited for this opportunity to see all 3 movies the way they were intended.

The Fellowship.

The Fellowship of the Ring introduces us to Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Men and other beasts. We meet a hobbit named Frodo who has ended up in possession of a magic ring, later determined to be a tool of great power, created by the Dark Lord Sauron, a complete tool himself.  Sauron had been defeated long before, but his essence remained intact, allowing for his return.  Gandalf has suspicions about the ring and after some research, realizes that it is indeed, The One Ring.  He sends Frodo to meet with a gathering in Rivendell, and soon enough, a Fellowship is formed to journey with Frodo to Mordor, the realm of Sauron, to destroy the One Ring.  By the end of the film, Gandalf has died due to his inability to locate a fire extinguisher, and the Fellowship has been broken into 3 factions.

Hmm, Haldir. So hot.

The Two Towers continues the journey, a story now split up into the 3 factions—Sam and Frodo; Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli; and Merry and Pippin.  While Sauron is still building his army and strength in Mordor, Saruman has created a massive army at Isengard, and plans to attack the realm of Rohan.  Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli are reunited with Gandalf, who has been reborn in some magical way, and Merry and Pippin are left with Treebeard, the giant walking and talking tree, to presumably just chill out.  Sam and Frodo have encountered the creature named Gollum, and Frodo has brought him on as a freelance tour guide into Mordor. There’s a lot of walking and running, a big giant battle scene, and an obvious lack of a real ending – which makes sense given that this is the 2nd of 3 films.

This image pretty much sums up the third film.

The Return of the King is SUPER LONG, especially the extended cut which comes in at something like 4 hours and 20 minutes.  At the beginning, the now larger group traveling with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli joins back up with Merry and Pippin, retrieve a Palantir, which is sort of like a weird Middle Earth version of Skype, and head back to Edoras to basically sit around and wait for things to happen.  Sam and Frodo are still walking to Mordor with Gollum, and Frodo is going mad because the ring is sucking him into its vortex of evil.

There is more walking, horseback riding, a big spider, 1.3 giant battles, and about 16 endings.

I really love these movies, even though I wrote snarky recaps.  While I didn’t see them the first time that they were in theaters, because I probably had attitude about fantasy movies, but once I saw the first one, I was totally in.  The theatrical showings were part of the buildup to the launch of the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-Ray set.  All 3 movies were remastered to make them look and sound even better for home viewing.  I can’t recommend these DVDs enough—the movies are indeed great, and the special features on these discs are also fantastic.

The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-Ray set is available for $69.99 from Amazon.

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Beautiful Bands from Nurit Design Jewelry

by Jamie Sanford on May 31, 2011

I’ve been looking at band rings a lot more now that I am planning a vow renewal for my 5-year wedding anniversary.  I don’t want to replace my original wedding band at all but a right-hand band to remind me of the event would be welcome.  Nurit Designs on Etsy has some beautiful band rings with an organic feel.

Autumn leaves in sterling silver with rubies, this band is available for $150 from NuritDesign on Etsy.

This is a unisex gold band that gives me an interlocked branches feeling. This 9-karat gold band is available from Etsy seller NuritDesigns for $280.

There are multiple versions of this lace ring band available.  This version is in 14k white gold and is available for $280. There’s a larger version in 9kt yellow gold available as well.

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