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The American President (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on August 20, 2011

53. The American President (Available to stream on Netflix, available to stream, rent and buy digitally on Amazon)

Here is the trailer for The American President.

[youtube Lnb4UWXL8KA]

The American President is one of the movies I have seen before. Except that I have seen this movie A LOT of times.  My dad is sort of obsessed with it, he will watch it in full every time it is on television, and I’m the same way.

The American President is the story of a single US president who meets and falls in love with a lobbyist.  Naturally, drama ensues.  It features Michael Douglas as President Shepherd, Annette Bening as Sydney, and a great supporting cast including Martin Sheen, Michael J. Fox, Richard Dreyfuss and Anna Deveare Smith.

I honestly can’t say much more about it, I’ve basically summed up the plot and cast, and giving much more away is just details.  So this will be a short entry.

I obviously recommend that everyone watch this movie because I love it.  I also think it would be a great addition to a DVD collection, because I find it ridiculously rewatchable.

The American President is available on DVD from Amazon for $5.99.

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100 Films in 2011: Jaws

by Jamie Sanford on March 3, 2011

I wish I remembered when I first saw Jaws all the way through.  I can tell you that I think it wasn’t until sometime in the last 6 years, and it has become one of my favorite movies ever.  Like others on this list, I will almost always watch this movie if I catch it on TV and I have some time to waste.

Here is the Jaws trailer.

[youtube ucMLFO6TsFM]

15. Jaws! (Available to stream on Netflix Instant Watch!)

I just found out that Jaws was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture!  It lost to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and won a few technical awards.

Anyway, this is an iconic movie.  I don’t know if anyone on my list or readers hasn’t seen this movie, because it’s so prominent in culture.  There are references to it everywhere, it spawned multiple horrible sequels.  I knew more about Jaws than I probably wanted to because of the references contained within all of the Kevin Smith movies, including the scar-comparison scene in Chasing Amy that so well mimics the one on the Orca.

So if you don’t know, Jaws is the story of a small town, launched into a full on panic attack after a very large and in charge great white shark invades the area during the summer beach season.  The water-fearing police chief, played by Roy Scheider, is charged with dealing with it, and he ends up on the water, shark hunting with the old salt boat captain played by Robert Shaw, and the young shark expert played by Richard Dreyfuss.

Yeah, we’re definitely gonna need a bigger boat.

I don’t think I’ll give away any more about the film, but I definitely will be acquiring the DVD that I’m listing here as it has fantastic special features – from what I know about it, the making of Jaws is almost as interesting as the movie itself.

The 30th Anniversary Special Edition Jaws DVD is available from Amazon for $9.99.

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