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I read Refinery29 articles often. They bark up my tree most of the time and come up in my feeds a lot.

Today, I caught a live video they were broadcasting on Facebook. I don’t know exactly how long they had been going, but there were already over 2,000 comments on the video. It was a bunch of balloons, and they were popping them to reveal a “major announcement.”

Here’s a screenshot from when I watched, definitely read those comments.

Instead of a steady stream of popping the balloons, they kept cutting to the women with the pins, making faces at the camera and miming something to suggest “which one should we pop next?” It was aggravating to say the least. You can see all of the angry faces along the bottom. In addition to the comments here, I saw someone else say that they were interested in the reveal but that the video was draining their phone of battery and their mobile plan of data.

Click here to watch the full video, if you want to spend 30 minutes on a bizarre balloon-popping situation.

I commented after someone else commented to “fire whoever’s idea this was” that I thought the idea was good, but the execution was terrible. There was NO reason to pop balloons slowly for 30 minutes to announce an upcoming event. The video could have been 3 minutes long and it would have been just fine. The comments on this video are pretty brutal, and funny, because that’s how the internet is, but they are all about the insane length of the video.

It is 2017. There are countless videos available to view online, and thousands if not millions being added each day. In addition, attention spans for content that isn’t engaging and concise are nonexistent. Refinery29 is too big and too successful to not have known this before this live broadcast started.

I would really love to know who at Refinery29 decided to create a 30-minute reveal, and what the brainstorming process was that led to an unfortunate decision.


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