Three Words for 2013

by Jamie Sanford on January 1, 2013

As mentioned in my last post, I’m working on Chris Brogan’s Brave New Year. Part of that was to come up with the 3 words to guide my year. I have had trouble with a clear vision of what I need to work on, but I think the words are more of a guide to remind me of what I’m aiming for in general in 2013, and beyond.

Here we go.


Queens take care of business – both the royal kind and the drag kind. I need to remember that I am the queen of my world and I need to keep the kingdom in check. My kingdom, my rules, my life.


I chose werk (check that Urban Dictionary link if you need more on the term) because I want to think about werking instead of working. Every time something “feels like work” I am going to remind myself that I need to werk, and that will be how I move forward. Take every opportunity to turn it into something to accomplish and celebrate, something to add to my skill set, whatever that item might be.


On Smodcast 207 (one of my favorite podcast episodes of 2012), Kevin, Scott and Bryan talked about procrastination, and someone said something along the lines of “you plan for future you, because you think future you is some perfect version of you that will want to do X thing that current you just cannot do.” Future me is just me, later. I need to remind myself that today is no different than some later date that I think is going to be the day I change. It has to be today.

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? – RuPaul

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Queen: Days of Our Lives (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on July 13, 2011

32. Queen: Days of Our Lives (Not available to view on Netflix Instant Watch, but embedded below from YouTube)

Since it is available, I will simply embed the film in 2 parts right here in the post:

[youtube 8N_bXPNR368]

Part 1 of Queen: Days of Our Lives.

[youtube bbxM8mrrT_Y]

Part 2 of Queen: Days of Our Lives.

Queen: Days of Our Lives chronicles the life of the British rock band Queen.  From their beginnings as friends who met at university to being massively successful in the US and the UK, the documentary covers a lot in 2 hours.  The remaining bandmates discuss the controversy of the band performing at Sun City in the 80s, when certain parties felt that performing at Sun City was obviously the same thing as saying “we love apartheid, it’s awesome”—something that the living members of Queen greatly disagree with; the band’s issues with productivity being interrupted by drugs, alcohol, and sex; and the sickness and eventual death of frontman Freddie Mercury.

I have enjoyed Queen’s music over the years without ever being a super hardcore fan.  I really enjoyed this documentary though, but documentaries that are stories tied to people are generally my favorites (obviously, based on my recent post about Frank Lloyd Wright).  I can highly recommend watching this documentary, especially since the parts are readily available on YouTube.  I didn’t find an official source for the DVD so I can’t share a link, but it’s worth a viewing online.

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