Best of 2017 | Kat Von D Beauty

by Jamie Sanford on January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

I have more “important” posts to work on, about goals and such things, and I will get to that, but during a discussion of “2017 beauty favorites,” I realized that Kat Von D Beauty is absolutely my favorite makeup brand of 2017.

In addition to new products, I’ve picked up some items that are on their way out that made their way to Marshall’s.

There are links below, but here’s a breakdown of some favorites:

  • Lips: I got a few studded kiss lipsticks at Marshall’s, including in the shade Lovecraft, which is my new favorite lip color. I also picked up liquid lipsticks, including sets of minis. I don’t like having mini versions of most products, but liquid lipsticks are perfect for downsizing.
  • Perfume: Kat Von D Beauty has 2 perfumes, Saint and Sinner. I like them both and have small versions of each one.
  • Face: As Kat Von D Beauty shifted to offering the Shade & Light face palette with interchangeable pans, the originals made their way to Marshall’s, so I picked mine up for half price. I am a contouring newbie, so we will have to see how it goes, but so far, I find these powders to be incredibly blendable and easy to apply lightly so I don’t look like a mess.
  • Eyes: I did not get all of the eyeshadow palettes released this year, that would be too many, but I did pick up some of the Shade & Light Eyeshadow quads at, you guessed it, Marshall’s. It is paint-by-numbers eyeshadow, and is great if you want something super simple and fast, but that still looks like you tried. I also picked up the limited-edition Metal Matte Mini palette, since I have the monster-sized one, and I love it so much, but it is not portable. The mini is a great option, and if you haven’t tried out the Metal Crush eyeshadows, this is the perfect way to try multiple colors at a much better price point. The regular Metal Crush eyeshadows are $21 each, and this palette is $39, so you can see the value.

Links to these products are below. Happy 2018!

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Instagram Roundup #50

by Jamie Sanford on July 24, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

It’s been a slow week for Instagrams.

I’ve been driving past the Elmwood Park Athletic Club for years, and I LOVE the signage. They are now turning this building into a church, so I’m afraid the signage will be going away. I wonder if they would be willing to part with the figures? They are amazing.

Saw this amazing set of triumphant flaming eagles out on the road.

I have lots of products on my nightstand. I’ll be writing about that DDF serum soon.

We had a very veggie-rific lunch over the weekend, when Will was trying to cook the vegetables we had purchased. Why do we always make the mistake of overbuying things like this?

Apparently I’m not the only one who misses the keyboard from the BlackBerry. I found this one the other day and really enjoyed pressing the buttons. I’ve had an iPhone for 3 years and I still suck at typing on it.

My tacos in progress at Chipotle. Not 10 seconds later, there was a hot mess situation with some sour cream. I love my tacos from Chipotle but it is nearly impossible to get them without some sort of problem.

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