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Instagram Roundup #6

by Jamie Sanford on September 19, 2012

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

This Instagram Roundup seems to be devoted to eating and drinking. So be it.

What looks like an innocent milkshake is actually full of hidden booze. Thank you Friday’s for creating such wonder.

Tiny Edward came along to Friday’s too.

We went to the Poconos Garlic Festival with some friends during Labor Day weekend. WOW indeed.

Some of the food options available at the garlic festival. I had a Tornado Potato but it didn’t come with garlic on it which was disappointing.

Of course this is a photo of my camera, since I quickly photographed the deep fried garlic cloves because everyone started eating them. They came with the crackers and a garlicky dipping sauce, naturally. They were also super delicious. I’m glad I had 5 people to share them with though.

Not food-related, but I took this picture of myself while riding in a school bus back to the car after we left the festival! I knew I was going to get on that bus from the second I saw it – I rode the bus for a LOT of years and while it sucked then, I absolutely loved riding it at 32.

All of my actual photos from the garlic festival are here on Flickr.

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