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Polish Project #22

by Jamie Sanford on August 31, 2012

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90. Revlon Supernova
91. Milani Digital
92. Orly Cabana Boy
93. OPI Pink Flamenco

Listed as seen above. Pink party!

Index – Milani Digital. Middle – OPI Pink Flamenco. Ring – OPI Pink Flamenco with topcoat of Milani Digital. Pinkie – Orly Cabana Boy with topcoat of Revlon Supernova. (Cabana Boy without Supernova  is on my thumb, which you cannot see.)

I saw Supernova in the store and was SO EXCITED because these Revlon Moon Candy things were BOGO and this looks like flakies so I was really into it.

Then it decided to apply like this, which was really sad. Especially since the best flakie I’ve ever had (Zoya Maisie) is really ridiculously good (looking).

I also photographed the thumb separately to show what was happening with the Orly Cabana Boy. Ignore the part where I can’t paint anywhere close to the cuticle and focus on the VNL that was still there after many many coats.

Thoughts: Milani Digital and OPI Pink Flamenco both rock my world. They have great application and are beautiful. Orly Cabana Boy is a random mini and I’m not into jelly polishes that are never opaque. I have to test the polish on the other side from Supernova but I don’t think I’ll be putting that on my nails again.
Verdict: Orly Cabana Boy goes into the share pile for anyone into that. Everyone else stays – Milani and OPI for good, the Revlon for more testing.

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Polish Project #18

by Jamie Sanford on August 22, 2012

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15. OPI Show It and Glow It (previously tested in this post)
77. Sinful Colors I Miss You
78. OPI Excuse Moi
79. Sally Hansen Gem Crush Razzle Dazzler

Welcome to the world of better images. I finally pulled out my DSLR so this should be improving. These are in order as listed above.

I tested all of these using OPI Pink Flamenco as the base. From the top: Razzle Dazzler, Excuse Moi, I Miss You, Show It and Glow It.

Thoughts: Another successful test of putting glitters over a solid base. Of course, I Miss You and Razzle Dazzler are meant to be topcoats (Razzle Dazzler is actually sort of the drug store version of Flurry Up which I LOVE), so that helped, but Show It and Glow It as well as Excuse Moi had good application and WAY better staying power over a solid base. You can see that the pink jelly-ish base of Excuse Moi changed the whole look of the nail and pretty much canceled out the Pink Flamenco. My biggest problem with this whole thing is that I don’t have the accuracy in glitter polish application to completely cover the base color, which is frustrating.
Verdict: I Miss You is going into another battle with other random glitter topcoats that don’t blow me away. Everyone else can stay.

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