Greener Grass Design Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on September 29, 2011

Greener Grass Design Shopping

Today I’m featuring some items from Greener Grass Design, a great online shop based in Houston. I bookmarked the site a while back and finally got to go through and pick out some of my favorites.

Key Bottle Opener, $14. Since I also love the Utilikey, I can definitely get behind this sneaky key bottle opener.  More things should be available as sneaky keys.

Speaking of drinking, check out this beautiful wine rack.  (My current issues with wine racks though is that I use a wine refrigerator, and I think it is much preferred, but I can’t resist the look of a great wine rack.)  Grape Wine Rack, available for $160 from Greener Grass Design.

Another key item, this time a little 4GB USB drive. It will be tricky to get it on my keychain but I would try.  The Cle USB is available from Greener Grass Design for $54.

This is awesome! Who doesn’t need a big heavy roller skate as a bookend/doorstop/art piece? This chrome roller skate is available for $190 from Greener Grass Design.

What items do you like from Greener Grass Design? Check out their site and leave a note in the comments!

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Missoni for Target – My Picks

by Jamie Sanford on August 12, 2011

Target has released the look book for the upcoming Missoni collaboration on their Target Style Facebook page.

Naturally, I felt the need to pick favorites, to prepare myself for potential online shopping – I don’t dare attempt to go into a store to find things.

Let’s get on with my Missoni for Target picks.

These heels.  Mostly black but with a little something, a heel I won’t fall over in, and a gorgeous print on the inside? I’m in.

I don’t have kids, and I don’t know anyone with a baby girl that’s still a baby and not a toddler. However, I wish I did because this is the cutest little outfit!

So far, Missoni for Target is making me covet things that aren’t in my life, like little girls and a guest room for this fabulous bedding.

This robe isn’t just for bedtime right? I kind of want to wear it with a tank top underneath.

My response to things that are black and white is pretty Pavlovian.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but we went with black and white for our wedding (since I wear black 98% of the time, and I couldn’t get away with wearing black to my own wedding, it seemed like the best alternative) so I gravitate toward all things black and white.

Right, remember what I said about the black and white? That rug is calling my name.

Since heinous rain in NYC finished off my umbrella this week, I need a new one.  This is the only Missoni for Target item that I could justify purchasing out of actual need.

I don’t have any outdoor space, but now I need a patio to go with this patio set.  This is not much of a stretch from things I usually want from Target, I have been known to sit and relax in the patio furniture section when they have everything set up and fabulous. Of course I need a giant tent to hang out in all summer.

The full Missoni for Target lookbook can be seen here.  The collection comes into stores and Target.com on September 13th.

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Sights and Sounds #1

by Jamie Sanford on February 6, 2011

New post for Sundays!

First up, the Volkswagon commercial that I’ve watched 5 times today.  This kid is brilliant and when he passes his Dad to go use the force on the car? That’s incredible.

[youtube R55e-uHQna0]

Second, here’s a great video of my favorite figure skater Johnny Weir on Lopez Tonight, where he and George Lopez switch outfits.

[youtube OJAGdKIdwO8]

My girl Britney Spears is back, and is teasing us for the next 12 days before the video for her hit single “Hold It Against Me” is released.  Here is today’s teaser video:

[youtube uCTFXrMmZB0]

I was also exposed to a hot remix of “Hold It Against Me” – The Robots with Rayguns remix.  You should listen to it.

[youtube JVTG2zeGRPI]

Last one – an oldie from the 90s.  I randomly heard this song during a trip through the shuffle setting on my iPod last week, and damn if it isn’t a great song.  I give you “Selling the Drama” from Live.

[youtube cv5d2IzMK2Q]

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My Holiday Wishlist: Kelly Kreth, Part 1

by Jamie Sanford on December 1, 2010

Striped and Fabulous.

Kelly Kreth

(Today’s guest post was contributed by Kelly Kreth. I “met” Kelly online around 10 years ago, and since then she’s made me jewelry, she’s been the subject of one of the best photos I’ve ever taken, and thoroughly kicked my ass in Facebook Scrabble. Check out her new blog which explores optimism and pessimism with great humor and frankness.)

Before I begin, I want to make all readers aware that the one thing—actually the top three things—– I want most of all are not on this list. While these things are omitted because they can’t be purchased, I must also disclose that I am not so altruistic that “world peace” is one of the three. I’m far, far shallower.

I’ve debated over how to organize this list. Should it go from cheapest to most expensive? Practical to most luxe? Or should it be grouped by likeness? I’ve opted to list them in a way that is more narrative than listicle:

I’m all about learning new things so the first group are not tangible items, but rather, EXPERIENCES:

A few years ago I took Fine Cooking 1 at the Institute of Culinary Education which has excellent Recreational Cooking Classes. I’d really like to take the second part of that. These comprehensive multi-day courses run about 25 hours over five days and cost about $595. Of course, I’d be happy with any of their one-day courses. Groups are up to 12 people whom you cook with and then afterwards you sit communally, drink wine and try-out your creations.

While I’m a Microsoft PAINT expert, I just bought Photoshop and would love to take a Graphic Design Course. Full-time classes run for three months; Part-time classes run for one year.  These programs run at $9,950.

I’m an avid reader and love all things literary. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the New York Public Library’s Young Lions. Memberships run from $350 for the most basic program to a whopping $10,000 for the most comprehensive. Even at the lowest level, the events and benefits are thrilling. Drinks and debates take place at member forums, private film screenings are held with Q&As afterwards, etc.

Young Lions Co-Chair Ethan Hawke and Committee Member Uzodinma Iweala at the Young Lions Fiction Award.

I’d love to go on a two-week safari to Africa. Expect to pay anywhere from $5000 to $15,000 per person.

My favorite spa experience in Manhattan is in Koreatown at Juvenex Spa. I’ve been on the receiving end of a 90-minute massage and a 60-minute full body scrub and both were excellent. Prior to treatments, you are invited to use their igloo sauna and cold pool. After your treatments you are given tea and fruit. After 7pm the spa is co-ed and it is open all night. Seeing that this is a WISH list, I’d opt for the Full Day Premium with Spa Lunch & Gift Bag – Any 6 Treatments – $725 [plus tip] which basically includes any SIX treatments, lunch and gift bag. Yowza! I especially like that this is one of the few spas in the area that provide women and men with paper bathing suits; I’ve been to others that only provide towels and scrubs are done in public completely sans clothing. Yikes!

Several years ago I was the recipient of a certificate for a dinner for two with wine pairings to Per Se, one of Manhattan’s most expensive and raved about restaurants. Located in the Time Warner Center, it took me about a month to get reservations, but it was surely a birthday dinner to remember. Each day there is a new nine-course tasting menu (plus amuse bouche ) that is $275 per person and also a vegetarian tasting menu which costs the same . Wine pairings are about $150 extra. One of the things I recall most—I’m a bit fuzzy because I had a glass of wine with each course—was the incredible butter. The waiter explained it was from the same set of cows in some exclusive farm. Again, sketchy on the details, but not on the amazing taste.

As you can probably tell from the aforementioned experiences I desire, I’m a hedonist—a very lazy one. Hence my yearning for a full-year of weekly maid service from Maid for You New York. I have a 750 sq. ft. apt. in Manhattan, but the service can do any size residential or commercial space. Prices vary depending on size of unit and chores desired. I’d go for the works: cleaning, laundry, upholstery steaming, etc. Now if only they sent Teri Copley. [I think only olds will get that reference!]

Stay tuned for Part Two of Kelly Kreth’s Holiday Wishlist which will feature more traditional, tangible gift items such as jewelry, clothing, electronics, music and books.

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