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9 years in 4 minutes.

by Jamie Sanford on May 25, 2009

I have been collecting photos to submit to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, as my husband is Canadian and we are going through the process to make him a permanent resident of the US.  I have collected photos from the beginning of our relationship to just 2 weeks ago, so I’m sharing the video here:

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Back from vacation… (lot o’ links to celebrate)

by Jamie Sanford on September 15, 2008

I’ve been away for the past week, and I’ve come back to the comfort of home but with an additional 900 photos to review and edit.

We hung out with family and friends, saw some new babies born in the last 2 months, and also had some fun on the side.  Here are the links:

The only downside?  The sprawl of Jacksonville, where it takes literally 20 minutes to get anywhere.  I drove all over the place there. I’m so tired of driving.

Back home now for a while and then back to Florida for Christmas.  Anyone have suggestions for fun things to do off of I-95?

Hilton Hotels

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