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Clarks Shoe Party

by Jamie Sanford on November 3, 2011

Clarks Shoe Party

I don’t think I’ve ever thought about Clarks shoes in more than a passing instance…until now.  I have not often paid attention to the green box, and so I was pleasantly surprised to have found a pair of shoes a few weeks ago that I’m now completely in love with.

Sugar Charm is available on the Clarks website for $109.99.  These are incredibly comfortable and looked fabulous last week with patterned tights and a skirt.  I am so pleased with them.

Let’s check out some other shoes from Clarks that I’m enjoying.

It’s a shootie!  The heel doesn’t look like it will kill me, and black suede shoes are always a good call.  Society Ascot is available on the Clarks website for $119.99.

Cute sneakers! I love some sneakers and these are cute and functional. Bingle is available on the Clarks website for $84.99.

I love a mary jane, and the stitching on these is beautiful. Palmyra Aldan is available on the Clarks website for $99.99.

These are the perfect shoes for when I need a heel to make my pants the right length, but also need to be able to walk around and do things without fear of falling.  Plus, I love the button detail on these so much.  They would also work with my recent combinations of tights and knee-length skirts.  Mika Rose is available on the Clarks website for $119.99.

One more shootie, this time, featuring a sassy zipper that I am LOVING.  These have a beautifully feminine shape as well, and a heel less than 3 inches, for good mobility.  Class Burke is available on the Clarks website for $94.99.

So, I will definitely be checking out Clarks more often now, especially since my wonderful first experience with Sugar Charm.  I highly suggest that you go check out the full collection on the Clarks website.

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Vegas Wedding Shoes, Part 2.

by Jamie Sanford on June 14, 2011

This is part 2 in a series of posts where I search the Neiman Marcus website for potential shoes to wear for my Vegas wedding (actually a vow renewal), coming up later this year.  Click here to see part 1.

Christian Louboutin Maralena Flame Sandal, $2445. These are so the perfect shoes to wear in Las Vegas, they are showgirls in themselves.  However, they are crazy expensive.  Yes, I have a $300 gift card to Neiman Marcus, but I’m pretty certain that I don’t need to spend more than an additional $300 beyond my gift card.  However, this is fantasy shopping, so I will continue.

Christian Louboutin Suede Glitter Platform Sandal, $895. These glitterbomb shoes look a bit weird without a foot in them.  I think they would appear less clunky when they are actually being worn.  The issue with these is that I’m pretty sure I would tower over my husband who is not that much taller than me.  I love them though, the glitter + pink suede is fabulous.

Miu Miu Suede Peep-Toe Mary Jane Pump, $670. These are also tall but the fact that they are more normal-ish makes me think that I would not be TOO tall in them.  Plus, they are so cute and the heel is bigger which means there is less of a chance that I will fall.  I also think that these would go really well with the sort of 60s-ish style idea that I have in my head.  I would definitely be able to wear these after the fact.  They are not as crazy as some of the other shoes, but they are really gorgeous.

Christian Louboutin Glittered Thick Heel Platform Pump, $795. These might be the winner, even though they are totally going beyond the $300 I might have been willing to spend.  I would have to pay $495 + gift card to obtain these purple beauties.  They are tall, but again, the heel isn’t super skinny so that will help.  In addition, they are sparkly and gorgeous but not in a crazy way that will make me unlikely to wear them again.

Opinions are welcome in the comments!

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