Reviews better than Descriptions

by Jamie Sanford on August 13, 2008

Excellent post from GrokDotCom

I read this post today on GrokDotCom and while it seems like the most obvious of points, I find myself realizing that in my business, we are not focused enough on utilizing product reviews from our target audience members.  What are the best ways to deliver these reviews to an audience when the product is online content?

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So much better than boring regular charts.

by Jamie Sanford on August 7, 2008

I just got this link emailed to me…check it out. For those of us who present web stats in presentations, this might be a bit more fun.

Free Flash Charts!

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Award-winning website?

by Jamie Sanford on August 5, 2008

For the past few years I have been actively entering many website competitions. I have represented between 2 and 8 professional websites in the past few years and all have been entered into competitions, both general and industry-specific.

I believe that entry into the award programs is good for 2 main reasons. The first reason being the obvious, winning something isn’t going to make our site look bad, unless we win World’s Worst Website. The second reason I think that entering the awards is a great way to show your funding source (if it isn’t you!) that you believe in what you are doing and think it is worthy of an award.

Once I had started writing this post, I received a Call for Entries for the 2008 MarCom Awards, developed to honor excellence in marketing and communications. I will certainly be entering the awards – I don’t see anything wrong with site recognition, and who wouldn’t like to have something that looks like an Emmy in their office?

Is having your website be “award-winning” important to you? Will your perception of a website change if it’s won an award? What award competitions do you put stock in?

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