not like the movies

Polish Project #28

by Jamie Sanford on September 11, 2012

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109. OPI Not Like the Movies
110. OPI Unripened (from the Go Goth Minis)
111. Rimmel London Midnight Blue

OPI Not Like the Movies.

Not Like the Movies on a testing wheel.

Thoughts: I just don’t like these purple/green duochromes. Meh.
Verdict: This one already has a new owner – Sara will get this when I am done testing polishes.

OPI Unripened and Rimmel London Midnight Blue.

From Top: OPI Unripened, Rimmel London Midnight Blue.

Rimmel London Midnight Blue Brush.

Thoughts: OPI Unripened looks better in the photo than it does in real life. The green isn’t as visible in real life unless really catching the light. The Rimmel London Midnight Blue had a brush I thought would be crap (and again, the crapness didn’t translate in the photo) but it was actually really great. I LOVE the formula and finish on the Midnight Blue.
Verdict: OPI Unripened goes to the share pile, Rimmel London Midnight Blue stays with me.

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