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We recently made the trip out to Edison, NJ to attend the 2017 NY/NJ Mineral, Fossil, and Gem Show. We have been a few times in previous years, and I love going so much. There are many great deals to be had, there are mineral and fossil displays to enjoy, and the people-watching is great too!

The whole convention center is full!

You can purchase gemstones in all manner of preparation – cabochons, uncut specimens, minerals still in the matrix, and fully faceted stones.

Opened geodes and a rose quartz point.


A very large chunk of what appeared to be an interior piece of an enormous geode.

The fossil displays were a bit weirdly placed during this show. I don’t understand why they don’t separate the fossil displays from the gem and mineral dealers.

These quartz anatomical models were in multiple places. Some believe that they can help to manifest masculine energy.

I am upset with myself for not having purchased one of these cathedral geodes. Next year!

Salt lamps! If you are into salt lamps though, they are available on Amazon.

I purchased a smoky quartz point and a clear quartz point.

Over the past few years, I have assembled a collection of gemstone skulls.

I got a great piece of amethyst, similar to these.

It turns out that you can also buy amethyst specimens on Amazon. Why am I surprised by this?

If you attend a gem and mineral show in the future, I highly recommend touring around to many vendors before making purchases. The differences in prices for very similar items was quite significant.

One of my favorite parts of attending the show is getting to see stones I’ve never heard of before.

A celestite geode, next to a skeleton bear foot.

I highly recommend you take a look at the next gemstone, mineral, and/or fossil show that comes to your area, if you are so lucky. They are really interesting and fun.

Happy trails!






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Sandy Hook, New Jersey | In My Travels

by Jamie Sanford on January 4, 2016

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We woke up on Will’s birthday last month, and he told me that he wanted to go to Sandy Hook – part of the National Park Service’s Gateway Recreational Area. I didn’t realize how much is going on there, as I haven’t been since I was a small child. All images taken with the Sony NEX-6.

One end of the park contains the remnants of what used to be Fort Hancock.

Some of the buildings look to be in better shape than others.

Sandy Hook Light is the oldest working lighthouse in the United States.

A park at the opening to the fort contains Nike missiles.

We then moved on to a few different parking areas – some are more scenic, while the last one was a proper beach.

We tend to visit many places in their off-season. It makes for empty locations and opportunities for images like this one.

It was a great outing choice by William, a beautiful day at the mostly empty park. Take some time in 2016 to go somewhere you haven’t been before!

Hilton Hotels

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Photography: McFaul Environmental Center

by Jamie Sanford on October 26, 2015

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We are lucky to live in a county with a great collection of parks. We are apartment dwellers and so any opportunity to enjoy the outdoors is welcome, especially as the fall sets in. As of late, we have been visiting McFaul Environmental Center a lot. Here are some images from our most recent trip. All images taken with the Sony NEX-6.

The Halloween decor included this photobombing ghost.

And then you see the weird tree that looks like a Dr. Seuss character.

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Instagram Roundup #72

by Jamie Sanford on January 15, 2014

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I live very close to the stadium where the Superbowl will be held. My town is full of merch. However, I don’t live in NY, I live in NJ, so I don’t understand why NJ isn’t first! Wtf.

In more New Jersey news, Chris Christie is in a big pot of hot water, and I received this Daily Kos email chock full of hilarious headlines.

I had a long period of going through more of the family history box over the weekend, and part of what is in there is a weird collection of pop culture things from the 30s, 40s, etc. It turns out that Lou Gehrig’s open casket was on the cover of the NY Daily News.

Another find from the box, an art piece that I am unsure about. Doberman or horse head?

Looking through some of the newspapers, I found this amazingness. Does it not sound like a product for a drag queen? Phantom Crotch, you made my day.

I also found mismatched baby shoes. Rumor has it that these were my dad’s and/or my aunt’s shoes. They are surprisingly well-made, but I guess a lot of things that are this old are.

More on family history soon.

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Instagram Roundup #56

by Jamie Sanford on September 11, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I’m guilty of enjoying some orange soda but WHAT.

There’s a strip of road in the town where my office is that is full of amazing architecture from the 60s and signs like this.

Took a quick shot of this too, does that mean no air for tires?

We went wine tasting for Cindy’s birthday over the weekend. It was really beautiful!

He was requested, so Tiny Edward made an appearance in the tasting room.

Old York Cellars had a beautiful deck that we enjoyed for quite a while after our initial tasting.

Unionville Vineyards was our next stop. Will and I chose the 8-wine tasting, and I highly recommend the Bell Well Chardonnay. I cracked my bottle open for my Nan, and she recommends it too.

Wine tasting selfie with Will, Karla, and Lee in the back. The men were wearing bow ties, and the ladies had tiaras, naturally.

We finished the day with pizza, more wine, and this beautiful sunset at the Hope Valley Vineyard. Who knew that Jersey had such great wine, and the experience was SUCH a good time. I definitely need to do another NJ wine tour sometime soon.

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