Polish Project #46

by Jamie Sanford on December 3, 2012

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157. Soo Black Knights (cannot find this anywhere online)
158. Nanacoco Fly to the Galaxy

These two polishes are from a trip to an off-brand beauty supply store. Sketchy at best.

Soo Black Knights.

Closer view.

Soo Black Knights on a testing wheel.

Thoughts: Promise in the bottle, crap when applied. The glitter didn’t disperse well, and it is super textured and wrong. I don’t know.
Verdict: I think I’m tossing this one.

Nanacoco Fly To The Galaxy.


Even closer! Beautiful in the bottle.

WOW. Gorgeous. Look at the rainbow!

Thoughts: OMG this was cheap and it’s so pretty and I need more.
Verdict: Obviously it stays – this was obviously the best find in the weird beauty store.

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