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Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist and Product Picks

by Jamie Sanford on November 9, 2016

I can’t believe that I just created a beauty items wishlist without remembering that the biggest sale of the year at Sephora was quickly approaching! I am a VIB member, and will definitely pick a few things up during the sale. If nothing else, it is a great time to replenish stock on things you would buy anyway.

From November 11th through November 14th, you will receive 20% off all in-store and online purchases with code 20VIB.

Here’s my wishlist as well as product picks for items to pick up during the Sephora VIB sale!

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Instagram Roundup #79

by Jamie Sanford on March 5, 2014

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I tried out a bunch of different topcoats with a base of OPI Don’t Mess with OPI.

Throwback of Mom and Dad, hanging out in Asbury Park.

I love a fedora, and I tried on this great one in the grocery store. I’m mysterious!

This is Cindy’s dog, Dillon. He’s almost as cute as my nephew Cooper. (I am biased.)

Here is Cindy’s chandelier. I love the colors.

Here’s the selfie we took at 2am, after realizing we should try and take our photos earlier in the evening.

Cuticles, oy. Anyway, I used Essie Mesmerize. The ring finger has a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top, with stars from Fergie for Wet ‘n Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Instagram Roundup #63

by Jamie Sanford on October 30, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I used the saran wrap technique to make a sort of marbled design on my nails. This is A England She Walks in Beauty as the base, with A England Lady of Shalott on top.

Saw this on the way to work. Creepy.

Went for a lovely short walk/hike with Will on Saturday. The fall is definitely falling.

Will decided to put on the Michael Myers mask and stand in the back of the storage unit. Creeptown. However, you can see the amazing organization of my storage unit there. We have 2 rows of storage containers (all numbered, since I have a list of the contents of each box on my computer) creating a hallway in the center for easy access to everything.

The theme for the night at the bar I was going to was “haunted disco” so I bought myself this puffy wig at CVS. I also tried to make myself even paler, added red eyeshadow like crazy, then put on my vampire cape and my fancy little tophat, which helped the wig out tremendously. Added a dark lip and some blood around my mouth and I was good to go.

I saw lots of crazy costumes. It’s the most fun though to see things like weird demons taking cell phone shots.

Happy Halloween!

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Product Pick #6: OPI Natural Nail Strengthener

by Jamie Sanford on August 2, 2013

Check out all of my Product Picks here. If you want to see all of the products I’ve reviewed (not just the ones I like), click here for Reviews.

As anyone who has been following along for a while knows, I own a LOT of nail polish. I stopped biting my nails in 2010 after getting a single manicure, and I haven’t ever gone back. I started taking care of my nails to help me keep the habit away, and it doesn’t even occur to me to bite them now. I truly believe I have reduced my number of colds due to breaking this habit.

Anyway, in 2012, I completed the Polish Project after realizing that I had way too many nail polishes to work with, so I tried them ALL and parted with a bunch. I’m still working on parting with more actually, since I’m fully obsessed with the A Englands and just want to use those all the time.

I have fallen off of the polish wagon in a big way – I did purchase the aforementioned A England recently when I was presented with a sale, but otherwise, haven’t purchased any in a while. I’m working with the 100+ bottles I have, which is really fine. When something comes out that blows my mind, I won’t hesitate, but I’m not purchasing blindly anymore.  Anyway.

The biggest nail care issue I have is that my nails are pretty flexible and break a lot. It’s pretty devastating when all of your nails are looking cute and all the same length and then something happens and you break one and then it looks like a big eyesore. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t handle that, so I file them all down to match the little sad one, so they can all go back to the starting line.

[youtube mibOZZV0M28]

(Click here if you can’t see the video.)

Anyway, I stumbled on this video from FarahDhukai on YouTube, and she recommended the OPI Natural Nail Strengthener. During a recent trip to Ulta, I decided to grab a bottle and see how it goes. I’m skeptical from the beginning, because it’s clear and it looks like top or base coat and clearly they have NOT been helping with these issue.

Turns out that this OPI Natural Nail Strengthener really does what it promises! My nails have been in amazing shape since I started using it. I have been wearing natural nails a lot more, so that might be helping a bit as well, but this product is making a big difference. I am thrilled with the results and will keep buying it, which is the best compliment that any of us can give to a beauty product.

I would love to hear about any other nail strengthening options in the comments!

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Instagram Roundup #49

by Jamie Sanford on July 17, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Catching up with a few weeks of Instagrams, since we got back from the South Dakota roadtrip.

Curls are my summer hair jam.

I was back in the showroom right after getting back from SD.

I had dinner with Jess, one of my high school BFFs, that same week. We hadn’t seen each other in years, but naturally, it felt like we had seen each other 10 minutes ago.

More trials with matte nail polish, and I put a bunch of dots on the ring finger. Too bad my Seche Vite betrayed me with all of those little air bubbles.

This dude did pushups in line at Whole Foods. SMH.

I really hope this isn’t always the case.

I drive past Satin Dolls on my way home from work. It is also known as The Bada Bing, since this is where they filmed that location for The Sopranos. Fitting that they paid tribute to James Gandolfini.

Sassy mannequin at the Calvin Klein outlet.

One day, I want the number of my home to look like this on the door.

People keep interesting things in storage units. The scenes in the drive-in area are always something to behold.

How beautiful is that glove?

Tried this out, it’s waaay too strong for me.

I couldn’t resist some new A England polishes.

My absolute obsession with Elementary continues, but since it’s 2 more months until the season starts, I went back to the well and started reading the source material.

Getting ready for a big round of photography at the office. I am building a fort of dinnerware.

Sharknado was everything I wanted it to be.

I did a big review of magazines I was hoarding for one reason or another. I pulled out certain pages to be scanned for later reference, but I also take pictures. I loved this rainbow Ferragamo.

We were out the other night, and were driving to go find dinner, and I saw a sign for this high school production of The Crucible on the road. I immediately convinced Will that we needed to go, and so we did. Having participated in a spring 1997 production of The Crucible myself, it was really that much more fun.

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