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Academy Awards Trent Reznor shoutout

by Jamie Sanford on February 28, 2011

So you all know that I’m a huge fan of Trent Reznor.  I had a blast on Twitter celebrating his Academy Award win for Best Original Score with the other NINnies, so may of whom are like me, who spent years wearing black and being depressed and dark and listening to Nine Inch Nails – but who now are adults, wearing suits and having office jobs.

Here’s a video of their acceptance speech:

[youtube MXx129apXMw]

But we still love his music, and having felt connected to him for so many years, feel incredibly proud of him and his collaborator Atticus Ross on this amazing accomplishment.  Trent grew up along with us (or us with him?)and now we’re all doing adult things like having kids and winning Oscars.  Well, not all of us are winning Oscars, but you get the idea.

Congratulations Trent and Atticus!

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But since I can always get down with another mention of the Swarmatron, let’s go with it.

[youtube m80r4mhZ5ak]

Here’s a lengthy interview with Trent and Atticus, where sound and the score are covered:

[youtube mpqy_y39-Ac]

Here’s a video where you can listen to the full-length version of “Hand Covers Bruise” which plays throughout the film.

[youtube 1Ua2gabdJoc]

I promise that after the Oscars, I will tone down the fangirl posts – at least until we get hit with the score for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but that isn’t until the end of the year.

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