Photography: Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

by Jamie Sanford on November 30, 2015

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Will really likes trains, so I try and take him to as many interesting train things as I can. This trip was a surprise, and included the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, a train ride, and a stay in the Red Caboose Motel! (More on the motel soon.) All images taken with the Sony NEX-6.

The full set of photos from this trip is here on Flickr.

The railroad museum is ENORMOUS, and is, at its simplest, a replica train station filled with something like 25 engines, from all different times in history.

There is also a large area with model train displays.

I hope this is true about grits.

The outdoor train yard had even more engines and train cars to see. It was a windy but beautiful day.

The light coming through these massive garage doors was incredible. I need these doors in my future home.

Any reflective surface will work for us!

A slight downside is that you don’t get to see too many train interiors. This was really interesting!

I really really love the Pennsylvania Railroad’s logo.

The light was gorgeous.

I cannot recommend visiting this museum enough if you ever make it to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. The drive there is scenic, and there is so much more to do and see than I ever imagined!

The full set of photos from this trip is here on Flickr.

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Sequins at the Circus!

by Jamie Sanford on August 7, 2012

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Back in May, Will and I went to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL. I had to work and so we went early to hit the Ringling – I had been there when I was about 8 but remembered almost nothing from that trip. We did not manage to get very far in the museum before it was closing (Will went back while I was working and was able to see the whole thing), but we did manage to explore the miniatures display (which is astounding) and look at all of the vintage circus costumes and props. It was incredibly fun, but I was super excited when we got to a room full of sequins! Lots of gorgeous costumes, absolutely covered in sparkles. I couldn’t get enough.

Here are some of the photos!

The entire set of photos is available to view here on Flickr. Lots more sequins there, as well as some full-sized photos of these costumes.

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Instagram Roundup #2

by Jamie Sanford on June 13, 2012

Sarcosuchus! It's a replica but that's ok.Saw a Sarcosuchus skull at the NY Mineral, Fossil & Gem Show. I am slightly obsessed with this prehistoric crocodile, so it was a big deal.

Amethyst. Found a cathedral geode for the bargain price of 3500 bucks!Also checked out many cathedral geodes. They are out of my budget for now, but one day I will have one.

My ability to get hella close to the ATM without hitting it are rockin.No one on Twitter or Instagram seemed to appreciate my mad ATM driving skills. I am hella close to the machine but did not hit it. Hence my excited hand gesture.

I like Will's new smirky picture face.Here is Will and I on the way to Florida. He used to look mad in photos but has now implemented smirky picture face.

Miniatures at the Ringling Museum.At the Ringling Museum, in the circus miniatures section. It was spectacular. More on the Ringling soon.

The Ringling Museum is giving me a lot of McQueen exhibit realness. Or the opposite?There was a circus costume display that I could not get enough of. It immediately made me feel like I was back in the McQueen exhibiti at the Met.

Publix YES.We went to Publix while in Florida too. It’s a must when I am there, I miss that store.

Awesome.Beautiful car sighting.

Mom's Tattoos.Went and got my first tattoo at Mom’s Tattoos in Dunedin, FL. More on that later too.

Here comes the rematch.Played no less than 7 rounds of Sequence while in Florida. It’s a tradition, and a game I really like. I wish I played it more often.

I'm feeding a giraffe!We went to the Lowry Park Zoo on Friday. It was unbearably hot, but I FED A GIRAFFE which was amazing. His name was Randall, and I want him to move into my backyard.

Wacky skies.The weather here has been weird since we got back. I keep taking pictures of dark stormy skies.

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Romantic Primitivism at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibit, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Last week, Will (my husband) and I braved the intense heat and headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit.  After finding out that we would be facing a wait of 2 hours to get into the exhibit, we decided that the best course of action was to buy yearlong memberships to the museum so that we could 1)skip the line into the Alexander McQueen exhibit, and 2)come back to the museum anytime we want during the next year without paying to get in.  The membership cost is such that if we go to the museum 3 times in the year that we’ve more than covered the cost. It seemed like a no-brainer.

The Cabinet of Curiosities in the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you have a chance to be in New York between now and August 7th, make the effort to go to the museum and see the Savage Beauty exhibit.  While I have loved watching fashion shows on TV and looking at photos online, getting to be this close to some of the ridiculously detailed work happening on these creations was mind-blowing.  The work with feathers was particularly interesting to me, I could have stared at those pieces for hours.

Plato's Atlantis in the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you cannot make it to the Met between now and August 7th, you need to watch the video embedded below.  It gives a wonderful overview of the exhibit and the items contained therein.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

[youtube Pg0HwLAJyV0]

Here are some other links about the exhibit and the items within it:

Another way to get some of the experience of this exhibit is through the official book, which I find out now is available on Amazon.

Savage Beauty BookThe hardcover Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is available from Amazon for $29.61.

If you want to visit the exhibit in person, admission to the Met is $25/person, with the audio tour headphones costing an additional $7.

Did anyone have a chance to attend the exhibition? What was your favorite thing about it?

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Photos: U.S.S Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

by Jamie Sanford on April 12, 2010

The weather here in NJ/NY is gorgeous right now, and 2 weekends ago, my husband and I ventured out to the U.S.S Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum.  We were lucky enough to have showed up on the first Saturday of the month, where our Bank of America cards got us in for free! A welcome surprise.  Anyway, I spent a large portion of the visit on the phone with my dad (who served on an aircraft carrier during his time in the Navy), I was telling him about the planes.  I did get some interesting shots in though.

The full set is here on Flickr.

Michelin Man.

This tire was on the British Airways Concorde parked at the museum.

British Airways Concorde.

Flight Deck of the Intrepid, and NYC.

Vought F-8K Crusader.

Grumman F-14 Tomcat.



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