I’m behind again, but I had a wonderful weekend and I didn’t get around to writing any posts. Forgive me.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, celebrity products!  So many random celebrities either design or simply endorse products, so this week will be all about that.

First up? Eva Mendes dinnerware from Macy’s.

It’s a little WTF, I don’t know what Eva as an actress has to do with home decor, but let’s go with it.  The designs are really nice, the line is called “Vida by Eva Mendes” so it’s clearly meant to evoke some Latin flavor.

Product description:

Garnish ordinary meals with the sunny botanicals of Catalina. Hand-painted dinnerware in flared square and palm-friendly shapes are drenched in soft yellows and tangerine, sky blue and pale green for a warm, exuberant welcome three times a day.

The 4-piece place setting from Eva Mendes is on sale for $35.99, available at Macy’s.

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