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High Fidelity (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on March 9, 2011

“Books, records, films – these things matter.” -Rob Gordon, High Fidelity

High Fidelity is one of my favorite movies of all time. Perhaps even my Top 5? I own the DVD and have watched it a LOT.

17. High Fidelity (Not available to stream on Netflix)

Here’s the High Fidelity trailer:

[youtube Vk_0qpFO8Tw]

The movie centers around Rob Gordon, played by John Cusack, working through a breakup with his girlfriend Laura (Iben Hjejle), be rehashing his Top 5 breakups, contacting his ex-girlfriends trying to find out what it all means.

He owns a record store called Championship Vinyl, and works there with Dick (Todd Louiso) and Barry (Jack Black), where they live in their world of music snobbery and review their Top 5 lists in various categories.

Jack Black is Walking on Sunshine

Jack Black makes me laugh so much in this movie.

Also making great appearances in High Fidelity are Tim Robbins as Ian/Ray, Joan Cusack as Liz and Lisa Bonet as Marie de Salle.

(NSFW language in the beginning of this video.)

[youtube mrYejxBHeYc]

This movie is really funny and great, but is also a great study in relationships and the ups and downs that come along with them. The acting is fantastic, the music is great, and it’s incredibly quotable.

I would highly recommend watching and owning this movie, it is definitely one to watch multiple times.

High Fidelity DVDHigh Fidelity is available on DVD from Amazon for $21.59.

Watching High Fidelity always makes me think of my own top 5 of things, and it’s so hard to choose in a lot of categories!  Music and movies in particular.  If you want to try it, please leave a comment.


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