Monster (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on July 28, 2011

44. Monster (Not available to stream on Netflix – available to buy and rent digitally on Amazon Instant Video)

Here is the trailer for Monster.

[youtube xrCUIY6er2U]

Spoiler alert!  Monster is a slightly dramatized story of the life of convicted (and later executed) serial killer Aileen Wuornos, played brilliantly by Charlize Theron, who rightfully won an Oscar for her performance in this film. She gained 30 pounds and wore some heinous prosthetics and fake teeth in order to embody AW, and it is a disturbing transformation. Christina Ricci co-stars in this movie as Selby, Aileen’s girlfriend (a dramatization of Aileen’s real-life girlfriend).

Not surprisingly, this movie is DARK. I love documentaries and after seeing this film the first time, I watched 2 documentaries on Netflix about Aileen Wuornos, both containing interviews with her.  It turns out that Charlize Theron was constantly watching these documentaries as well to best portray Wuornos. She does quite a good job, as I was just as freaked out by the movie as the documentaries.

The story is such that it shows a slow descent into near madness as Aileen feels that she has no choice but to murder potential clients (AW was a prostitute) to rob them and steal their cars.  She eventually is caught and has to watch Selby turn against her and work with the police and the prosecutors to convict her of the murders.

This movie is really well done, but doesn’t give the warm fuzzies.  I recommend watching it but be prepared to be disturbed.

Monster is available on DVD from Amazon for $8.49.

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Monster Giuseppe Heel – That’s The Monster Shoe

by Jamie Sanford on January 7, 2011

So, like many others, I’m really enjoying the new Kanye West album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

My favorite track is “Monster” which features Bon Iver, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and one of my new favorite ladies, Nicki Minaj.  It is Nicki who sings about the “monster shoe,” at about 4:03 in the video.

(Please note that this song has language that might be offensive and is NSFW – and the images, especially those of Nicki that are shown as the song is playing, can also be construed as NSFW.)

So let’s talk about the Giuseppe heels, shall we?  All available from, which has a great collection of heels by GZ and many other fabulous designers.

I need to find more songs that reference designers so I can turn those lyrics into blog posts!

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