Instagram Roundup #43

by Jamie Sanford on June 5, 2013

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Look at the price on these Miu Miu Oxfords, which were featured in my 2012 Birthday Wishlist. I actually gasped when I saw the price, without any sort of dramatic intentions. I was DEVASTATED that they were in the wrong size and already waitlisted.

I’m still exploring new products from the beauty bag I won at Kelly’s Lyme-Aid event. This Body & Boudoir Spray by Naked Princess smells absolutely delicious.

I haven’t used it, but this limited edition Midnight Massage Bar by Lush is shaped like one of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, and smells divine. My whole linen closet is perfumed.

Wearing Dragon by A England again. I have completely fallen off of the polish obsession, and so now I just want polishes that won’t give me a ton of trouble when I’m applying them. A Englands never let me down. I am contemplating trying to sell off my entire nail polish collection except this brand.

WTF. Police activity at the office on Friday. Apparently there’s a teenage drug ring that needed busting in the little town my office is in.

I got an old 20 the other day. It looks so weird! (Yes, it’s on top of my Spice World DVD. What.)

Fun travel Instagrams in 2 weeks. Next week is a special edition.

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Instagram Roundup #37

by Jamie Sanford on April 24, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I had to take my nail polish off before my mini surgery. I started using this stuff and I think it’s working a bit! You can’ t wear nail polish with it so this has been my longest polish-free span in ages.

GREAT fortune.

Snacks in the office. Will ended up eating mine.

A mixture of boredom and a recent episode of Elementary had me randomly studying this $20 bill. These new dollars (are they new anymore?) are pretty complex. Here’s an article about printing them.

John Polly and Queen Latifah greeting me in my Twitter app. LOVE.

I blogged about going to 2 estate sales recently, and I had received a business card from a gem dealer I met. I hadn’t noticed what his card said until recently, and come on, that is amazing. I definitely need to get new business cards going.

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Gift Wrap from the Container Store

by Jamie Sanford on December 9, 2011

I would love to think of myself as someone who takes hours and hours to wrap gifts to perfection. Unfortunately, I’m not as coordinated as that would require, so I end up using gift bags a lot. This year, I am boxing up gift bags and tissue paper on the bottom of boxes, which are then filled with gifts to send to my family.  I will put everything in its proper bag when I get there.  Not too exciting.  I got a catalog from The Container Store though, and it has inspired me to want to try harder…next year.

Let’s start with cute wrapping paper.

Tiny Ornament Collage Paper, 12′ x 30″, $8.99.

Festive Felines Gift Wrap, 10′ x 30″, $7.95.

Ooh, this wood grain one is so chic. Wrap Sheets Woodgrain Pkg/2, 22″ x 34″, $7.49.

I have to post the deer one, naturally. Fab Deer Gift Wrap, 10′ x 30″, $7.95.

This is cute, even though it does look to me like one of those pictures to test color-blindness. Very Merry Dots Gift Wrap, 8′ x 30″, $9.95.

Cute boxes that don’t require wrapping are perfect for making you look like an amazing gift-wrapper with minimal effort.

I could put something in here, close it up, label it and I’m done! Set of 3 Rectangular Boxes, $24.99.

For tinier gifts, themed takeout containers are perfect. I also love that boxes like this can be re-used. Peppy Mints Takeout Container, $3.50.

If you must resort to gift cards…

Holiday Kaleidoscope Gift Card Pouch, $1.95.

Perfectly Plaid Gift Card Pouches (set of 2), $2.95.

Loot from the Hoot gift card holders (set of 2), $2.95. You can also check out the entire Owl Item Collection on Not So Basic Black here.

Finally, the labels!

Lace Gift Stickers (36), $2.99.

If you want everything to match, you can get that at The Container Store. Very Merry stickers (36), $2.99.

I love the idea of that wood grain wrapping with a cute little sticker featuring some of our arctic friends. Arctic Friends stickers(36), $2.99.

Tell us about your gift-wrapping style in the comments!

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“No Shopping” Month Continued…

by Jamie Sanford on February 8, 2011

“No Shopping” month was implemented in my house in January. My husband and I both had birthdays in December and of course there was holiday gift spending, which all adds up to feeling spent in more ways than one. So it was decided that we would not make any purchases deemed frivolous in January. Obviously we have to eat and whatnot, so we spend money on that, but I’m talking more about the little things, like iTunes purchases, little Amazon purchases, etc.  While I obviously love shopping online, the ease with which we can spend money makes for a lot more spending than if we were forced to go to the mall every time I wanted to buy music or anything else.

Maybe Santana is dealing with "no shopping" month too.

So the month went by, and I won’t lie, I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t spending any money in January, and I know that it is largely due to the fact that I get what feels like 25 emails a day from sale sites like Ideeli and Gilt.  Plus, I was writing posts for the Daily Wishlist, which requires a lot of online browsing.

Either way, it’s now February 7th and with the exception of ordering OPI Black Shatter online because I can’t find it anywhere in stores and the Mumford & Sons album, I haven’t bought anything.  I have some Ideeli credit to use but nothing has appealed to me.  I also used a store credit I had in January, but I figured that it didn’t count.

Cocktails counted as food. Right.

I did also go out with friends during “no shopping” month, but that doesn’t count either.  1, I would have needed to eat or drink something during that time anyway, and 2, I don’t go out so much that it’s eating up a major portion of my income.

Anyway, it was pretty telling.  I noticed a difference in my bank account for sure, and that was a good feeling.  The downside of this is that I enjoyed the savings so much that I don’t want to buy things that I need! I’m desperately in need of new snow boots and I love a number of boots in the Sorel collection, but I find myself not wanting to spend my money on something unless its really fun – and while these are some of the chicest snowboots I’ve seen, they are not that fun!

I know I’m not the only person who has been trying the shopping diet in January, I’ve read about a few others doing it too!  I know I’m going to need to pick up some things for my wardrobe in the next few weeks so I’m going to have to deal with it, but I think this gave me a big reminder of how I probably don’t really need as much as I might think.  That item that looks cute or intriguing right now is probably not as fulfilling as you might think.

So, would anyone else be game to try to curb their spending for a month? I think I’m going to try this out a few times a year, I think it would be a great way to save some extra cash for a specific purchase or event.

If you’ve tried a shopping diet or “no shopping” month of your own, please share in the comments.

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Curious Tuesday 016

by Jamie Sanford on September 14, 2010

I think 015 is missing but I’m working from Gala Darling’s numbers on the posts. Let’s just go with it.

If you were an international criminal, what would you do with all the money you’d stolen?

I would pay for the houses of my parents and my husband’s parents. I would save some of it for our family members to have trusts.

Then, this hotness.

Buy something like this…equip with awesome computer situation, wifi, lots of camera gear, then go check this out:

Yes, the whole thing.  It would be the best road trip ever.

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