Sights and Sounds #15

by Jamie Sanford on May 12, 2011

Sights and Sounds #15, I could probably write one of these a day if I wished.

I’m late with this one, but it is stuff like this that makes me love the Internet so much, because it makes me laugh. Here’s a link to the 20 best Obama Memes from the Osama Drama.

[youtube cIWRYwCGEF4]

If you aren’t listening to Robyn, you should have started 3 years ago. Anyway, this is her collaboration with Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp, “The Girl and The Robot.”

Click here for the Guerreisms list of 36 Things Every Man Should Do Before Dying.

Wow. Check out this 14-layer cake made by the fabulous Bakerella.

Sights and Sounds #15 comes to a close. Share links and photos for these posts on Facebook!

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Curious Tuesday…on Thursday.

by Jamie Sanford on April 30, 2010

I am participating in Gala Darling’s Curious Tuesday project.

Curious Tuesday 001

1. What is the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?

I was told in high school that I had well-placed features.  I always felt like it was sort of backhanded, like the girl wanted to say something to make me think it was a compliment? It was really odd, and I was in high school a LONG time ago, so clearly it stuck with me.


I visited my old high school last week, here's me with my well-placed features.

2. What’s your little-known talent?

I love to sing, most people don’t know about it because I don’t sing much anymore unless I’m alone and in the car.

3. What do you obsessively search for on eBay?

I haven’t done this for a while, but I used to search like crazy for gemstone pendants and silver chains to go along with them.  I have a beautiful collection of necklaces.


Example of one of my gemstone pendants. My husband actually bought this one for me on eBay.

4. When you were a child, who did you worship & want to be like?

Debbie Gibson!

Before you ask, YES, I did have the Electric Youth perfume.

5. What was your palate band? Otherwise known as the first band you heard that made you realise the world of music was larger than whatever the Top 20 singles were!

I wish I remembered. Being introduced to Nine Inch Nails before The Downward Spiral came out changed my musical life forever.

Trent 27.

From one of my last NIN shows at Webster Hall, NYC.

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Watch out Frost/Nixon, it’s Airdrie/Jamie.

by Jamie Sanford on January 12, 2009

Not quite Frost/Nixon, but you get the idea.  The lovely Airdrie of Talking To Air and one of my favorite podcasts, Lipgloss and Laptops, recently posted this interview meme and I emailed her for my interview questions!  Here are the questions and my responses, and below that are the instructions for participation in which I will provide interview questions to you!

1.  You are married, right?  Where did you meet your husband?

East Rutherford, NJ - June 24, 2006

When we bought our first computer together, we disposed of the two computers we'd had when we met (online) at the same time. It was sad to see them go!

I met my husband online in 2000, long before it was chic to meet online.  We weren’t looking for love, we met on a message board that both of us belonged to.  We did the long distance thing for a while and moved in together in 2003.  We were married in 2006.

2.  Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I attended the University of Florida and currently attend the University of Phoenix Online.  I studied telecommunications and history at UF (ended up leaving with an Associate’s Degree since I didn’t know what to study at all!), and I am nearly finished earning a BS in Business/Marketing from UoP.

3.  If you had the time and money to make a big change in your life, what would it be?


Self-portrait taken in Dubai on a "desert adventure," November 2007

My “if I won the lottery” dream (I hope this counts) would be to not have a job (the husband too) and to just travel all over the place and continue to expand my photographic skills. In this fantasy I have a hybrid mini-camper with excellent wifi and a big iMac all set up in there for the closer destinations.  I don’t need my traveling to be very fancy, I want to drive places and stop whenever I want and not worry about being anywhere at a particular time.

4.  Are you a Mac? or a PC?

I am currently a PC but I will be a Mac in the future. I want a MacBook Pro for the on-the-go stuff and a big iMac at home. I still cannot imagine only having a laptop, I still like the big desktop, it’s sort of comforting to me.

5.  What are your hobbies?

The big hobby is photography. I have gotten really into it in the last few years, Flickr is one of my favorite places to hang out, and the amount of things I can photograph play heavily into planning vacations now.

Want to get in on the fun? You can be a part of it by following a few simple steps…
Send me an e-mail with the subject line “Interview Me”
I’ll respond within 24-ish hours with 5 questions directed to you
Answer the questions on your blog (or Facebook or MySpace) and link back to this original post
Invite others to participate by re-posting these steps

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