Sunday Link Party

by Jamie Sanford on April 15, 2012

Sunday Link Party! Click on that link to see all of the previous posts.

Photo of the week is a cropped version of one of the photos I took during the Meadowlands brush fire.

I think my hamster was bigger than this chihuahua which might be the world’s smallest dog.

Rose McGowan is one of my favorite actresses, and always looks flawless. This look from last week is no different.

Jaws is coming to Blu-Ray, all restored and amazing. There’s a great video here about the restoration process. I will now need a Blu-Ray player, because Jaws is seriously one of my favorite movies EVER.

Here’s a great gallery of drawings from Draw Something, which you should be playing on your smart phone.

I loved Red Carpet Fashion Awards’ preview of McQ Alexander McQueen. I am obsessed with boots I will never be wearing, but they are gorgeous anyway.

Thanks Buzzfeed for 13 Steps to Get You Through a Rough Day. Amazing.

Have a good week everyone!

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Photos: Meadowlands Brush Fire, April 2012

by Jamie Sanford on April 12, 2012

There was a significant brush fire in Carlstadt, NJ yesterday, stemming from an ongoing drought that has left the area extremely dry. Naturally, the best idea was to get the camera and drive toward the billowing smoke.  It was surprisingly easy to drive to where the fire was, pull over into a side street, park the car and just walk around. You know, near the fire.

This was right when we arrived. The whole area to the right would be burning 20-30 minutes later. It was SO fast.

Awesome firefighters.

For context, there’s NYC in the background.


The wind started blowing and everything got very serious.


This was when we started getting pushed back by the official types.


After we were pushed back. Note the trees in front of me here, they will be burning shortly.


There are those trees again.

Then it started getting dark out.

Then everything was on fire.

The fire worked its way to the right.

This was the last view before we left. The fire had burned the entire area in front of us in a matter of minutes.

The fire was contained later in the evening. We will try to go back and assess the damage and take more photos. In the meantime, you should read up on preventing forest fires.

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Photo: NJ Meadowlands Fair, July 2009.

by Jamie Sanford on July 10, 2009

Took this last weekend. I put him in the middle of the frame, his hand is cut off, it is not tack sharp, I’m not following any rules of non-boring photography, but it is one of my favorites of the photos I’ve taken in quite some time. I love it.

Whole set is here on Flickr.

Fire-eating little man 3.

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