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Instagram Roundup #3

by Jamie Sanford on July 22, 2012

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Love this Konstantino bracelet.
Saw this Konstantino bracelet at the Off 5th while outlet shopping. Marked down to 3 grand still didn’t meet my budget. Gorgeous bracelet though.

Apparently the switch light means that it is on.
This was confusing during a cab ride on a day when NYC was 100 degrees.

I love this shot of Will at the NJ Meadowlands Fair. We go every year, and it is so random and yet incredibly enjoyable.

At least we are sharing?
We also shared deep-fried Oreos. They were so bad but so good.

That's a deep fried grilled cheese.
Went back to the fair with David and Marty, and ate deep-fried grilled cheese. It was too much bread product, not enough cheese. The powdered sugar really helped.

Macarons are happening.
I introduced David to macarons after we spent the day shopping. I should probably write a whole blog post about how I am obsessed with macarons and have watched about 40 YouTube videos on how to make them.

@davidfmvaughn and I in the photo booth.
I can’t tell you how much I love this strip of photos of David and I. I had a blast while he was here, but it makes me miss him even more.

Playing Skyrim has affected my view of certain flowers.
I’ve been playing Skyrim a lot because it is like gaming’s equivalent of crack, and every time I see flowers that look like those in the game, I want to pick them.

@donttrythis & @jamienotweet made me nervous about being in a car in water. #mythbusters
Watching Mythbusters enough to have seen 2 episodes where they test if you can get out of your car when it is sinking into a body of water has made me really nervous. So much so that I have picked up this amazing multi-tool, the most important tool being the glass hammer so I can break the windows and make a run for it if my car ever ends up in water.

My new favorite keychain.
This picture sucks, but you get the idea. I have more to say about it in an upcoming post, but for now, it’s my new favorite keychain.

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