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Dr Martens Shoes & Boots

by Jamie Sanford on April 5, 2010

I saw some Dr Martens online the other day (they have been around for 50 years!) and since I have the same pair I’ve had since I was 14/15 (and still wear them), I had to write a post about them.

From the “about” page on the Dr Martens website, this is such an accurate representation of how Docs took over: By the mid-1990s, Dr Martens had festered in the minds of youth without a single penny of ‘marketing spend’, longer than the majority of global brands had even existed. There is no comparison. This is not a brand, it is a way of thinking, a mode of expression.

So here we go. I am super jealous of people who don’t have to go hunting for Dr Martens anymore, they are just available on Amazon.  I don’t need to have rich parents to score a trip to Europe to get awesome multi-color boots (I went to school with a girl who DID get that trip to Europe and never thought she was cool enough to wear those Docs).

Dr Martens Women’s 5026 Mary Jane in Black Tartan Plaid, $64.99 – $69.99.

Dr Martens Men’s Adrian Tassle Loafer Tassel Loafers, $139.45.

These are so Elvis! Dr Martens Women’s 1461 Oxford, $90.95.

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