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Jaws: The Revenge (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on August 23, 2011

54. Jaws: The Revenge (Not available to stream on Netflix, not available digitally through Amazon)

Here is the trailer for Jaws: The Revenge.

[youtube WQDXfB1nBnk]

Jaws: The Revenge is the last film in the Jaws series, and I’m going out on a limb and saying that it is by far the worst.  The story is that of Mrs. Brody, played by Lorraine Gary, and her grown children.  Chief Brody has died, and someone gets killed by a giant great white shark.  Mrs. Brody naturally assumes that the shark has a vendetta and is out to get her family.


I don’t know why anyone would be worried about this horrible fake shark. It looks worse on screen when it is moving.

The supporting cast includes an obviously desperate for a job Michael Caine, Lance Guest and Mario van Peebles.  The movie delivers in terms of watching people hanging out of the fake shark’s mouth, bleeding profusely, and some ridiculous scenarios, the most ridiculous being that THE SHARK IS OUT TO GET THE BRODY FAMILY.

I saw Jaws: The Revenge when it was on TV and mostly just laughed because it is so ridiculous. The original is one of my favorite movies, so this is just a travesty.  I can’t really recommend watching it unless you are just curious about bad movies, and I would never tell anyone to buy the DVD.

That being said, Jaws: The Revenge is available on DVD from Amazon for $8.49.

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