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Award-winning website?

by Jamie Sanford on August 5, 2008

For the past few years I have been actively entering many website competitions. I have represented between 2 and 8 professional websites in the past few years and all have been entered into competitions, both general and industry-specific.

I believe that entry into the award programs is good for 2 main reasons. The first reason being the obvious, winning something isn’t going to make our site look bad, unless we win World’s Worst Website. The second reason I think that entering the awards is a great way to show your funding source (if it isn’t you!) that you believe in what you are doing and think it is worthy of an award.

Once I had started writing this post, I received a Call for Entries for the 2008 MarCom Awards, developed to honor excellence in marketing and communications. I will certainly be entering the awards – I don’t see anything wrong with site recognition, and who wouldn’t like to have something that looks like an Emmy in their office?

Is having your website be “award-winning” important to you? Will your perception of a website change if it’s won an award? What award competitions do you put stock in?

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