Guest Post: Custom Engraved Leatherman Tools.

by Jamie Sanford on October 12, 2010

Today’s guest blogger is my husband William.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of him, taken quite a while back. He didn’t know why I was photographing him at the time, which is why he’s looking at me like that.

I like tools, and taking things apart, and MacGyvering things. I occasionally fix bits of equipment at the research lab I work in, but I don’t get to tinker much otherwise, so I end up having to live vicariously through other people’s tinkering by visiting sites such as and MAKE magazine.

MAKE has a store that sells all sorts of cool things, and I have my eye on some custom-engraved Leatherman tools.

They are each $36.00 and share the following tools:

  • 420HC Clip Point Knife
  • Spring-action Needlenose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wood/Metal File
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener

In addition, the Warranty Voider includes regular pliers, and both the Bomb Defuser and the Circuit Breaker include a wire stripper for various wire gauges.

The engraved versions are only available for a limited time, but these babies would be nice even without the writing.

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Man Soap – For Real Dirty Men

by Jamie Sanford on April 7, 2010

I have to give all credit on this one to the Etsy Twitter account for posting this.

This man soap is scented with musk and is wrapped with duct tape!

The man soap is a mere $6, so it will probably sell out soon!  The seller, sweetscosmetics, has Man Balm for lips available too.

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Out of the Cradle – Whitman Quote T-Shirt

by Jamie Sanford on March 19, 2010

This is a sexy v-neck t-shirt with words provided by Walt Whitman.


The title of a classic poem from the seminal American poet, Walt Whitman, who is celebrated throughout this collection. The earth and clouds in this image are borrowed from an actual illustration from one of the earliest editions of “Leaves of Grass” from 1860.

This v-neck t-shirt is available for $52.

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This is part 1 because I have a few other things in mind but want to post what I have so far!

From Renee:

I need something REALLY special for a tech geek that I know he will use and love. He already has the Swiss Cybertool 41, which is a GREAT gift, available only at Thinkgeek (As far as I know). That was a birthday present a few years ago. This will be for our 10 year wedding anniversary. He doesn’t carry business cards and has a wallet he likes already. He’s not into ties, cuff links or anything like that. He’s pretty laid back overall too. Any ideas?

Renee told me in a later email that she would like to spend less than $200.

Here are some ideas I have come up with that might work.

The tech gift, not so romantic, but definitely might appeal anyway.  This is the laser keyboard!

This virtual keyboard is designed to work with mobile devices and is available from the retailer for $169.99.

The next item is man jewelry, which I know isn’t for everyone (including Renee’s husband who I’m told isn’t into jewelry), but this ring is really cool and so I decided to post it anyway.

The Kinekt Gear stainless steel ring has gears that actually spin.  The outer edges of the ring actually turn so you can watch the gears in motion.  I see this as a great gift for a man, it’s a nice piece of jewelry, but definitely manly enough that it could be worn often, a reminder that you know who he is and that this is something he would enjoy.  This ring is available for $165.

Another item that I think is a practical yet luxurious item are the Rain earbuds from thinksound(tm).  These are gorgeous, designed to have superior sound quality as well as to be as eco-friendly as possible.  I’m showing the 9mm version here:

This version is available for $99, the slightly larger 10mm version can be found here for $74.99.

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Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titanium Skyhawk Chronograph Watch

by Jamie Sanford on February 18, 2010

Today’s item is a fabulous watch from Citizen.  The thing I like most about this watch is that it is powered by light!  It works with both natural and non-natural light.  This watch is available from Amazon for $330.

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