Owl Locket Necklace

by Jamie Sanford on August 11, 2010

This is adorable. I have never owned a locket but am always fascinated by the photos, etc, that people have inside of them. Although asking sometimes seems too personal.

Three little owls, sitting in a tree.

This necklace is made from a round locket with an image three owls in a tree. Attached to the locket is a charm made from two blue crystals. The locket opens from the side. The locket hangs from antiqued brass chain.

Locket: 1.5 inches
Chain: 18 inches
Clasp: Toggle

Very cute.  This necklace is available from Etsy seller SweetLittleFrostings for $28.

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Love Locket Paired with Teardrop Necklace

by Jamie Sanford on June 7, 2010

Today, an Etsy find via a friend on the internet. How would we get by without them?

I love jewelry, and I have lots of gemstone pendants that I’ve collected through shopping on eBay.  I don’t layer often with my jewelry, mostly because I don’t really think about it.  However, I’m featuring 2 items today because they were paired in a listing and I love them together.  These are from Etsy seller Jackdaw & Pilate Productions.

Both items are on the same grey silk cord.  Check out their listings for more information.

Love Locket, $15
Frozen Teardrop Necklace, $15

I’m a firm believer that Etsy is one of the greatest things to be found online. Etsy shoppers, please feel free to send me links to items appropriate for the TDW readers.

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